Monday, August 18, 2008

Remember that happiness is a way of travel - not a destination.

Roy M. Goodman
One of my frustrations today is that it is Bad Poetry Day. That is something I usually can do.  But, alas! (well, maybe you don't think so) although I am noticeably better, I am not completely well and all my feeble mental capacities are focused on trying to do my job without too many mistakes.  (Now there's a stupid thing to say.  How many mistakes would you say is a good amount?  Actually, any mistakes are too many.) 
Yes, I have returned to my place of employment and am attempting productivity. 
I found out that the one job I struggled to do during the short time I was in Thursday, I completely messed up on and a co-worker had to undo.  It could have been worse.  I enter data into the computer to print automated checks from the revolving fund - often travel expense claims, sometimes emergency vendor payments, those kind of things.  I struggled Thursday to carefully key in the entries. I was unable to print the checks because our check printer is on the fritz.  (Is that a racist thing to say? The check printer is kaput.  I was told the fix-it guy would be in with the part at noon, but I could not last that long, so I turned it over to someone else. BTW, the check printer is still out.  The part was the wrong part and another one is on order or something.)  Anyway, I came back today to find out that they had moved the work baskets around (before I picked up Thursday).  Where I used to pick up the documents to key the checks from, they now had documents whose checks had been completed!  I had keyed in a whole set of duplicates!  It is a good thing that the check printer didn't work. 
I am able to work, if I go slowly and think carefully.  I only have a coughing fit every now and then.  I hear others here and there, as well.  No one is getting too close to anybody else.  A nice co-worker brought me a couple of cough drops.  (I forgot mine).
Saturday was a strange day.  I was feeling sick and lazy, but wanted to have things half decent when the campers returned.  I swept up most of the dog hair and made soup and biscuits. I also worked on the pacing for Ben's textbooks for the school year.   I posted a warning sign on the door.  "Hazardous Dwelling - Occupant May Be Contagious - illness includes throat tearing cough that last for days - Avoid Direct Contact - No Hugs"   I was home all day except between 5:50 - 6:15 when I did a quick run to the store for milk and Sacrament bread.  Guess when the guys got home.  timing.  Two of them failed to see the sign.  One said he saw it but immediately forgot it.  Nonetheless, we avoided close contact. David and Teresa arrived a bit later.  It was good to see everyone - only slightly sunburned - and well content with their week.
A high event of the evening was watching the incredible women's marathon at the Olympics. Halfway through, I could not believe Romania's Constantina Tomescu Dita was going to even survive the race.  She was far in front of everybody else, but she looked horrible. I was afraid for her.  But somehow she pulled it together and started looking better.  For much of the race nobody else was in the same camera shot as her, even when the camera was looking straight at her head on on a long straight away. It was amazing. And when she entered the Bird's Nest, she just filled with new life.  I thought it would be daunting to have to go a whole lap around the inside, but she fairly flew.  And then she just didn't stop running.  She ran around at least another time, and I think more, on her victory lab.  What a happy looking woman she was.  
I stayed home from church Sunday,  after spending much of the wee hours with my hacking cough.  David and Teresa returned after Sacrament Meeting to load up the car and we got to visit a little more. Then dinner and they were off for SLO.  It was sure nice having them.
I lazed around the rest of the day and worked on my cards.
Now I have over taken my break time.  Back to that great productivity.

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