Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Start every day off with a smile

Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.
W. C. Fields
US actor (1880 - 1946)

As Monday morning wore on, I realized that I was feeling more than just tired. But was I just talking myself into being sick? As I caught myself on the verge of stupid mistakes, and had trouble coping with a couple of mistakes I had made Friday (I was pretty preoccupied, I am afraid.), I decided that perhaps I should go home, after all. First, I wanted to make sure that DT&J were well away before I got home. I didn't want them to worry. Second, there were a couple of important things that I needed to take care of before I abandoned my post, especially as I suspected that I might be gone a day or two.. Finally, I left about one.

At home I found parts of a bird in front of my door. Never pleasant, especially when already queasy. I left it to deal with later (which I did either last night or this morning, I forget) and holed up in the house. Just being home made me feel better. Also, true to my self- promise, I had some Moose Tracks ice cream.

I stayed home again today. Sick enough to not be good at work, not too sick to enjoy taking a little leisure. I have done a little bit of work here and there around the house, but although I am good for a little, I am not good for much. When I am feeling on the slightly better side, I suspect I am gold bricking, but after a bit of activity, I decide not so much.

I watched some Olympics this morning-early afternoon and did a little crocheting. Sometimes dozing off. Now that coverage is over for a bit, I do wish I knew how to watch a movie (Teresa brought a few I would enjoy and we have quite a home library), but I cannot figure it out. I thought the correct wires were connected, but I don't know, no button I push gets a picture to the TV screen. I guess I should consider myself lucky I have gotten any reception at all and that now I am managing the internet. Thursday when I went to log on, we found out that the router wasn't working. Actually, the power something. Adapter? Joseph and I went tiredly to Radio Shack and found out that an adapter would cost almost as much as a router (which would come with its own adapter), so we bought a wireless router. I am hoping someday to have a use for it (ie a laptop). Fortunately, Joseph got the router set up before he left - and here I am. I had imagined my tech team being gone for a week and me unable to use the computer or the television. I should do some bill paying and bookkeeping. And work on my Suze Orman Save Yourself program. later.

I want my head to clear a little more so I can work on a Stampin Christmas project.

I do feel lazy.

I wonder if a trip to the coast tomorrow with my dog would have curative powers? I had thought about taking a day off this week for Anna and myself. Maybe I will tomorrow as part of my convalescence. If I feel safe to drive and stray from familiar plumbing. Then,Thursday, I shall return to work restored and invigorated.

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