Monday, August 25, 2008

Happiness is not itn the mere possesion of money: it lies inthe joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
One day last week, on the way home from work, I went to Bel Air for milk.  On an indulgent whim, I bought some stuff at their Chinese deli for dinner.  When I got home, I learned that Ben had baked potatoes and cooked up some meat and chili for dinner.  What a sweet surprise!  (the other day he made me cookies.  Nice guy, Ben) The deli boxes said "safe to microwave."  We popped the deli boxes in the fridge for the next day.  But we didn't test their microwaveability.  We dished up the food on plates and microwaved them.  It was good, but not as good as it cost.  Ben's stuffed baked potatoes were better.  Besides being made with love.


It is good to be able to work again – I worked all day every day last week, so I'm back -  but it was nice being at home even if I was sick!  And more interesting.   It is good to be ABLE to work, but I would not at all mind not HAVING to work.  However, as Miriam said, at least I have a job. 


I am trying to make better use of my weekends.  Saturdays really.  That's the day with the options. They tend to evaporate with not much to show for them and not much R'n'R either.   I am trying to both get something done and have a little fun.


This week we did some chores around the house, including staining the sea room floor.  :/   I liked it better the light, light color before we stained.  It has been a while now since my assistant and I purchased the stain, so I don't remember the whole decision making process.  I think there was a lighter color I liked better, but it was the wrong base.  I cannot remember what was wrong with the base, but anyway we got this one.  It looks like a floor.  It is ok.  Some people learn to enjoy doing the handyman home fix it bit.  Despite the nice quote at the top,  I haven't yet.  I am not good at it, I get really tired and tired of it, and I am not that excited about the results.  Maybe I will be more pleased once we put the polyurethane on. 


Years ago Les A told me about a place up at Collins Lake where they serve giant ice cream scoops.  My ball of yarn reminded him of it.  I have been somewhat intrigued ever since and always meant to go check it out.  So, we did, Andrew, Benjamin and I.   Joseph opted to stay home.  It is about an hour and 20 minutes from here.  Andrew and I spent much of the time on the way up singing hymns and children's hymn.  Benjamin suffered in silence.  


Collins Lake Resort is a camping, fishing, boating, little bit of swimming place.  The people were friendly.  They charge $11 / car day use fee, but when we told the gal at the gate that we were there to check out their ice cream, she just laughed and waved us in.  For $2 you get a huge "scoop" that must have been at least a pint and a half.  While our tongues raced the melting ice cream, we looked around a bit.  Lots of people apparently having a great time, but I don't think I want to go camping there. (I was almost hoping that it would be someplace I would want to camp as it is not far as far as camping goes.)   It was fun to go up there, but probably a one time deal. 


We finally had Debi's and Esther's birthday dinner.   Pizza, lots of pizza.  Ground beef pizza, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and chicken pizzas.  Root beer floats.  Later, cupcake decorating.  I had eaten too much pizza and could not even look at the cupcakes.  I helped bag some Stampin' Up orders, instead.  It is fun to see the neat things people get.  


Ruth reminded me that she doesn't think I spent the Stampin' Up gift certificate that Sariah gave me for Mother's Day.  I was saving it, but now! I cannot remember where I put it!  Someplace "safe," no doubt.  Safe from what?! Me apparently.  I hate it when I do that. Time to clean my room!


News from the family dinner –


Miriam is being laid off.  : 0  Her little cabinet making shop has not been making many cabinets lately and many of the people are being let go, including both office girls.  She works until the end of the month.  She was with the temp service Office Team when she started there. The cabinet shop called for a temp and never hired anyone else. Eventually they converted her from temp to regular employee.   Hopefully, OT will have more work for her.  She is also applying for some State jobs. We are hoping that this is one of those blessings in disguise things.  This job didn't really lead anywhere. Maybe she will be blessed with something better.  (Prayers would be appreciated!)


Glen, on the other hand, has landed a part-time job watching security cameras for construction sites.  This is good. He is seriously working on re-ordering his life and finances. He is still working full time for the State.


Tom worked all day Saturday putting vents up in the attic.  Hopefully, he will do the same for me some time. And I will owe him (even more) big time! (Hopefully, we will borrow a power saw and it won't take quite as long.) Our whole house fan doesn't do much right now.  Attic vents would make a huge difference, I think, I hope.


Ruth is thoroughly enjoying Primary.   She is enjoying her staff and the kids. I think she is surprised how much she likes being Primary President.  I think Sariah likes being Relief Society President up in her ward in Vancouver.  Ben, I think, has more mixed feelings about being Teacher's Quorum President, but he does a good job.   I think that's all the current presidents.


And that's all my break time for today.  So much more I wanted to do! Like learn about iPods or MP3 Players or something.  I have made more mistakes at work this month than the whole rest of the time I have been here.  Partly, I think it was my getting sick – just before and when I came back. And I think, partly it is that I don't get to listen to the radio anymore.  I sometimes listen to music that is "ripped" on to my computer, but it isn't the same.  Why talk radio helped, I cannot say, but I think it did.










  1. Ryan got me an ipod shuffle for Christmas a couple of years ago. They aren't as expensive as the regular ipods. They don't do videos or anything like that, just songs. I use it at the gym but it would probably be good for your situation too. MP3 players could be good, too. Ryan has a Rio he uses for working out and he likes his a lot. Just make sure that if you get an mp3 player, it has enough memory to hold as many songs as you'd like to have during a day. Ryan's only holds an hour or two's worth.

    I'm surprised about Miriam's job. That's awful! I'll keep her in my prayers, I hope she finds a better new job soon!

  2. Ben is a good guy. How many 15 yr old's show love to their family like that?? I'd like him to meet my daughter. LOL.

    Sorry about Miriam's job. The economy is so bad right now that I will pray she finds something quickly. Bill is still out of work.

    Glad you are feeling better. Something really knocked you off your feet there, huh??

    I have a 30g Zune. I love it. It holds a lot, but retails for about 200. I had it on layaway for a long time. Brittany has a shuffle, too, and she loves it. I'd start puttign a few dollars aside each month and see what you want. The technology can be scary at first, but they aare very user friendly, even for idiots like me. :)

    Hey, will you be home THanksgiving weekend?? WE are 95% certain we are moving to Washington and I would love to hop off the freeway and indulge in a quick hug as we pass.

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better, Mom.

    Well, your prayers are working already!

    Today, my boss asked me if I can work one more week (I was sched. to leave at the end of August.), so that will give me more time to find a job.

    Thanks for your prayers & support!

    Good luck to Bill on the job search & to all of you with the move!