Monday, September 8, 2008

Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.

H. L. Hunt


There are five of us in my office who are taking the Accounting class.  Friday, we got together at lunch and went over the first quiz. We all felt so much better about the class after our study session!!! After comparing and discussing answers, I submitted my quiz first.  We had missed one which we had had some question on.  Mary submitted the quiz next with the other answer we had been considering.  This time we got them all right.  As we had two chances on this quiz, I was able to retake the quiz and get 15/15.  Having study buddies will make a world of difference with this class!  I was so relieved and happy after our session Friday!


Friday, after work, we did the last sand and polyurethane on the sea room floor.  There are plenty of places where we messed up, but it is better than we started.  We learned a bit.  (Mostly that none of us love the work, but…)  We finished too late Friday evening to be able to do any work in there Saturday.    Probably tonight, we will tape in preparation for fixing up the baseboards.  Hopefully, that won't take long.  Then some light? Sanding. And repaint.  While we work tonight, we will probably have someone reading from the Ensign – Home Evening after all.


Saturday, Andrew, Joseph and I spent 4 hours at IKEA.  (this time it was Benjamin who wanted to stay home)  First, we had lunch.  We got a plate of meatballs, a chicken Caesar salad, and a plate of pasta.  We each ate off each plate.  The meatballs (and potatoes) were the best, but not the exceptional experience I was expecting.  I had heard from many people that IKEA has great meatballs.  They were good. We wandered around the store for hours enjoying the different lay-outs and trying to decide what kind of things we would like.  We were quite taken with one room with almost olive green walls and floor to ceiling bookshelves.  Maybe the living room will go green, after all, but not olive.  I will want to match the green in the drapes.  I definitely want floor to ceiling bookshelves almost everywhere, so there will really be very little wall to be seen.  That's a LONG ways down the line, anyway. 


Supposedly, we were at IKEA to find window treatment for the sea room.  We didn't.  We had dessert and then looked some more.  I don't think they had anything that would work for what we want there.  I might look on-line.  We probably have to do it ourselves.   Most shades are open in the up position and you pull down for shade and privacy.  The problem with that is if you want it partly open, you cannot see out but people can see you.   We want to hoist a sail so to speak so that when it is half way open, the boys have privacy but they can see out.  While the shopping trip was not successful in finding something we thought we could adapt, it was fun.  Except our feet got quite tired.  We did buy basic tool kits, both Joseph and I.


We went to Winco afterwards where we spent more money, but it wasn't quite as much fun  ; ).


Sunday, we had a Special Stake Conference.  There was some curiosity about why a special conference.  Elder Clayton (First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) told us he had a big announcement that would change our lives.  He said that henceforth we would only meet on 5th Sundays.  At first, I thought we would have Stake Conference every 5th Sunday which actually sounded pretty good to me, but then I realized that he was having one on us.  He confessed.  No special announcement.  The church just is keeping in touch with its people.  General Authorites are going out and meeting with Stake Presidencies, taking the pulse of the church, and, having conferences so the people can have the privilege of meeting and being instructed by them.  The main message of the session seemed to be a testimony of a living prophet and the importance of following and sustaining them.  We heard more about Joseph Smith, Jr, than Thomas Monson, but that was the message I heard.  Elder Clayton talked about the wonderful growth of the church throughout the world, the blessings of the gospel and obedience. 


We also had my birthday dinner Sunday.  Hamburgers, tater tots, watermelon, salad, and Miriam made an ice cream tort using Moose Tracks ice cream!!! Delicious.  Everything.  Ruth is going to give me the stationary box that she is doing in an upcoming class, along with instructions/template.  Debi gave me a beautiful Willow Tree nativity.   Pretty good for not expecting anything!! 


I decided that I am not doing my birthday beach trip.  On my birthday, anyway.  Many little conflicts.  I will come to work as usual.  (Like most grown-ups do on their birthday.  Ok, kids too.  But I am not planning on bringing cupcakes like kids do to school.) I very likely will bring a left-over piece of that wonderful torte for me to enjoy, however!  Another day.  Andrew and I want to go beach exploring to see what other beaches we might like within drive range.  I also want to schedule a trip to Rodeo Beach, tried and true, when Benjamin can come.  He wants to go, but is responsible for the YM/YW activity on the 10th.  
Miriam has had her last day with Alder Creek Millworks. She says Office Team sounds eager to put her to work. I think Debi also told her about another good temp agency or two. 


Did I tell Andrew's oral surgery is Thursday?  Keep him and Miriam in your prayers, please. 

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  1. 1st: Your study group sounds like a fantastic idea! I'm glad it's helping and that you're enjoying it. :)

    2nd: I can't wait to see pics of the room. I really like your window treatment idea, good luck with it!

    2 1/2 (because I forgot when I was doing my list and am going back now to add this thought...): Sounds like a great Stake Conference. LOL about the "announcement". I love that the GAs have good sense of humors (senses of humor?).

    3rd: Well then I guess my Birthday greetings are late now. lol You'll have to settle for getting our birthday messages on your actual birthday. We're so old fashiones, I know. ;)

    4th: I was wondering how Miriam's work situation was going. I have been meaning to call but have literally been swamped. I still hope to call her soon.

    5: We'll definitely keep both in our prayers. Best of luck with everything going on!