Monday, September 29, 2008

The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet.

Edward Thomas, Poems (1917) "Early One Morning"

There is something dead in the works of our refrigerator.   There has been a growing awareness of some smell.  We thought it might be compost not taken out,  potatoes gone bad, or any number of things.  Alas, no.  Nothing so simple.

Last Friday, we realized it was none of those things – more like a dead thing.  Definitely a dead thing.   and the smell is worse when you open the fridge or the freezer.    So, after my doctor appointment, I took the rest of the day off work.  We completely emptied the refrigerator and the freezer.   We washed the inside.  We pulled out it out and cleaned behind and under it.  We removed the little panel at the back and cleaned what we could.  We did not discover the source of the stench. 

Finally, I called Sears service.  Unbelievably, the thing is still on a service contract from when we first purchased it!  A service man is coming this afternoon.  (Andrew will be the responsible adult. I left him a blank check.  ! ) Hopefully, the service man will find and eliminate the problem.  Also, replace the tubing to the ice maker (which we think "the problem" or a relative chewed through long ago).   I hope it doesn't cost much.  I HOPE he can take care of it.  I don't want to have to replace the thing.  $$$$!

*** Monday, late afternoon  - the technician came and did no more, possibly less than we did.  I think he suggested to the boys that we take it out and hose it down.  (?!)  He didn't open any thing we couldn't open, much less actually probe the inner workings.  Quiet rage and frustration. ok, maybe not so quiet.   I called Sears again, but as the tech has not filed his report, they cannot do anything yet. (more ! !)  I need to call tomorrow.  Meanwhile, my kitchen reeks. And Andrew feels like he has let me down.  Not him, the "service" man!


  1. Have you checked for stagnant water somewhere? I've noticed that water standing under the fridge reeks BAD! But you said you already cleaned under it. Does your fridge have a pan you can pull out from under it? I think that's where we've found water before.

    Good luck!

  2. Having met and worked with some of the repairmen from Sears, I daresay you got a live one. Sounds like he just wanted to get his day over. Hopefullly someone with work ethics can come out soon.