Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Think I Must Have Blinked

One minute I was frantically trying to finish up my Christmas presents and the next minute I was back at work 4 days AFTER Christmas.

As usually Christmas arrived a little too quickly for me and was over a lot too quickly. But it was lovely while it lasted.

I was so glad that I had taken Christmas Eve off from work. Bread to bake and fruit to buy and prepare for Christmas Eve supper, last minute shopping to do(Including cross town trips through heavy traffic thinking "He had better like this present!" He did.), and gifts to hurriedly wrap. Somehow most everything got done in time to go to Ruth's for Christmas Eve.

The house glowed softly by the light of I don't know how many candles. Everyone brought something - we had loaves of homemade bread, various cheeses, sausages, and mounds of fruit. We talked a little about the birth of Christ and watched either Luke 2 or The Nativity produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love this sweet moment of quiet remembering.

After we left Ruth's and hauled out the stocking stuff for "elves" to take care of, Joseph and I decided to see how much one could procrastinate Christmas shopping and get away with it. Although there was plenty of traffic, we didn't find any stores open. Big surprise. Fortunately, this was not a necessary trip, but a last minute thought.

Before we went to bed, we agreed that early risers could wake up layabeds at 7am. I woke up in the wee hours and could not get back to sleep, but spent hours trying. I did not wake up the boys! I expected Benjamin and Andrew to wake up fairly early, play with their stockings and watch a Santa-brought movie before waking up their brother. Surprisingly, it was Joseph who got up first, a little after 7 and He got to wake up his brothers. Nice switch.

Our Christmas stockings were, as usual overfull of fruit and chocolate - but no one complains, stickers, and a little toy car. The boys also each got Screaming Monkey Flingshots with which I expected them to drive me crazy, but although they liked them, they quickly set them aside. Andrew and Benjamin each basically got one present from me - a pocket digital camera! I gave myself one, too. ; ) From me and Joseph, actually, as I relied heavily on his expertise. As soon as I can manage time and computer time! I will put up some pictures! : )

It was not the kind of camera Joseph likes though, as he likes more control. However, after seeing how much the rest of us have been enjoying ours, he may change his mind. Especially as we cannot find the paperwork to send his camera in for needed repairs. It is probably not worth it to him to pay to repair it himself, so he may be in the market for a replacement, after all.

I gave Joseph a nifty magnetic wristband for holding tools and stuff. It is so cool, I may put it on my own wish list. Handy for bike repair, working around the house, sewing, probably crafting, and even at work. He holds paperclips on his arm through his sweater even. I also gave him a Network Security Staff shirt he wanted. And a book about How To Live With a Neurotic Cat. fun stuff.

We spent the middle of Christmas day back at Ruth and Tom's opening the Elf Exchange Gifts. I was surprised how interested and excited we all were to see the mystery gifts. Everyone was delighted with great gifts both homemade and purchased. They were wonderful. Hopefully, I can get some pictures up later.

The Hinds had Christmas dinner with Tom's family.

Miriam and Debi came and visited at our house for a bit.

At some point we watched Wall-E.

We just relaxed and enjoyed.

Too soon it was over. And again, I am telling myself to plan better and start earlier next year!

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