Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The particular human chain we're part of is central to our individual identity.

Elizabeth Stone


Sariah and family arrived the Saturday a week before Thanksgiving and did their usual juggling act between his and her families and a few visits with friends.   I think they did pretty well with it. 


It was great seeing them!  The girls have grown so much! And get prettier every time I see them.  Acadia is tremendously popular with her young cousins and very patient about it.  She is helpful with her little sister and volunteered to help with many things.  She helped me work on my Christmas cards – still a ways to go!  And helped David roll the dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner.  I never saw her acting grumpy.


Rori is an adorable, lively 2 year old.  I was afraid she would be shy around all these relatives she hardly knows, but she seemed quite comfortable and confident.  Although, she was much too busy playing most of the time to care who was around.


Esther and Jared were delighted to have their cousins visit and stay with them – especially Cadi, whom they greatly admire.  For the most part, they were kind and generous hosts.


We at first expected David and Teresa (they stayed with us)  not to arrive until late in the evening, but sadly for one of T's co-workers, travel plans were delayed, so the co-worker worked Wednesday and happily for us T got off, so they came in the middle of the afternoon.  They picked up Joseph from work to maximize his David-Joseph talking time and minimize the amount of vacation time he had to take off.


Thanksgiving Dinner at Debi's was great with a lovely table set by Debi and decorated by Teresa and lots of yummy food from everyone.  It was good to have everyone together, something that can't happen very often anymore.  It is fun to see the siblings all enjoying each other so much.


Another rare treat was spending the morning with Debi after popping the turkey in the morning.  I had planned to go home and do what I don't know, but when Debi indicated that I was welcome to stay, I was happy to do so.  We just sat and talked.  Fun stuff


Friday morning David and Teresa left. : (   then the guys and I went to Apple Hill – finally!  Did a little Christmas shopping. ; )   Sipped cider.  Very pleasant.


Saturday was another day for Rosers to spend with us.  Game day pretty much all day.  Monopoly, Lord of the Rings Risk, UNO, Cranium, Clue, I don't remember what all.   I mostly worked on my cards. But I did play some UNO, even some Killer Uno.  A good time was had by all.


All the visiting was over much too soon.


Christmas is coming much too sooner!  I need to get some elf magic going!



  1. We can't wait to see you in TWO DAYS! It's silly because we were just there, but we're still very excited to have you guys come. :) You're going to really enjoy the nativities! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family! I am so glad.

  3. Hey, I found Overheard in the ward thru your blog. I posted one we had that we found hilarious. Check it out, it is titled "And Fast Cars" Bill was standing there at the time, andit has been a fun story to retell