Wednesday, December 31, 2008

oh, Shoot!

After years of being cameraless, Andrew, Benjamin & I got cameras for Christmas!
Benjamin with his camera

I would love to share lots of pictures with you, but my system is old and outdated, and very, very slow. I cannot do slideshows like Sariah does.

But here are some Christmas pictures :


Andrew with the Uno Flash game Benjamin gave the family
Andrew with a game Benjamin gave us

Andrew using his Christmas stocking as a sock puppet
Andrew using his Stocking as a puppet

Esther and Jared at their new easel
Esther & Jared at their new easel

Debi & Miriam all cozy and warm in their new scarves and the wonderful blanket Teresa crochet for Debi
Debi Robarts,Miriam Robarts,Teresa Robarts,hom

Ruth with the beautiful jacket Miriam bought her
Miriam Robarts,Hinds, Tom and Ruth

Benjamin exploring the personalized clipboard Ruth made for him
Robarts, Benjamin,homemade gift

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