Saturday, March 7, 2009

Final Furlough Friday and "2nd" Saturday

Yesterday was our Final Furlough Friday. With the budget passed, the need for the big showy gesture over, and the union negotiations completed, things are changing.

We will be furloughed one day a month, not two. Better for our personal budgets, but, oh, man! we were really finding good use for the time! We will no longer all be furloughed on the same day. The media says employees will be able to pick their own day. We have not heard officially how it is going to work. Why am I a bit anxious and skeptical?

With the end of Furlough Fridays, a huge sigh of relief will go up from all the downtown businesses - especially the little lunch places. But it also spells the end of Furlough Friday specials among other businesses around town. One exercise place was doing Free Furlough Fridays. I didn't manage that. (Aren't you surprised) IKEA did free breakfasts.

Yesterday, Andrew, Joseph and I went to IKEA. (Benjamin was watching Jared while Ruth helped on Esther's field trip.) We did NOT just go for the breakfast. (But it was GOOD. VERY good for free, and still very good for the $1 they normally charge - scrambled eggs, potatoes and bacon!) We did the IKEA tourist bit and (the main reason we went) bought Elder Andrew Robarts flat sheets and pillow cases.

At Costco we looked at luggage. I want to look around some more, but really, I don't know anything about buying luggage! And of course, bought food. The sample ladies got me again. We tasted the triple berry smoothies and I was a goner. I had been hungry for something, but a little queasy. The smoothie was perfect! So, naturally, we bought. And went home and had some. NICE!

Andrew and I ditched Joseph and proceeded to the LDS Bookstore and next door distribution center. We had his name imprinted on his scriptures and bought the February and March Ensign because our subscription is messed up. (They need help. For months, David's & Teresa's Ensign has been coming to our house. When does it stop? When they messed up my renewal and I am not getting one. nuts! ) Then we bought Andrew the things he will need when and after he goes to the temple. As soon as he arranges to get his suits and white pants hemmed, he will schedule his first temple.

We picked up Joseph and Benjamin for the guys to all get their hairs cut.

I thought I had a card-making class to go to at Ruth's, but it had been canceled. I was looking forward to it, because she always does such great stuff, but I was tired, so I didn't really mind too much. We visited briefly and I went home.

Today started with Benjamin going to a Merit Badge Clinic to work on his Communications Merit Badge. We saw a little lady duck in the Stake Center parking lot! Where did she come from and where was she going? I had Anna, so just kept clear. I walked the dog and worked on making potatoes to take to work for breakfast. (love microwaves and refrigerators!)

Shortly after noon, we were in Rocklin for CPR Saturday. Too bad we were in the 12:30 class. Tom, Ruth & the kids were in the 11:00. There were enough mannikin's that Esther and Jared got to "do CPR", too. Ruth says that Jared (age 3) did the whole 2 minute CPR drill - although his chest compressions made no impression on the dummy. Wish I had pictures of that!

Aside - I have another camera. I think I will keep. It's a Sony. Got it at Costco (so I can take it back) 10X zoom! That, I like! But it is not as steady as my old Mavica was. The Mavica was a little big and heavy, which I didn't like, but that apparently is why it didn't have a steadiness problem. It took great pictures. This one seems pretty good - if I can keep still on those zooms! NOT pocket size like the one that was stolen. I miss the tiny size, but this one is pretty small and nice. Now, I need to get my act together - and time ! - to upload. or is it download? move pictures from camera to computer to internet. whatever

but back to my fascinating life -

Finished CPR training with barely time to go to Star Eco Station to see an old friend, Sedgwick the Blue Fronted Amazon parrot that we had inherited when a dear friend's mother died. Parrots need a lot more time and attention than we could give him. They are like 2 year olds. After some soul searching, we searched for a home for him. This children's museum is a great place! The aviary room is filled with big cages - Sedge's cage must be at least 4X5X10-12 feet easily. He is with lots of other parrots (each in his own large cage) (what a noisy place!!) and they have a big flight cage at least 20 feet long where they can exercise and socialize. The people there know, understand and like parrots. Sedge makes great noises (when he wants to) that really entertain the visitors. He will answer "Hello! Hello!" when he hears a phone ring. His best sound is probably his car alarm. We also visited "cousin" Gus. When my uncle's parrot got to be more than they could deal with, they followed my example and donated him to Star Eco Station. They drove him all the way down from Oregon to give him a more suitable home. All the birds looked well and happy.

On our way back into town, we stopped at Deseret Industries. I was hoping that Andrew would find some good knee length shorts for PE at the MTC. No such luck. He found some pants we might cut off. Not really PE clothes, but... Ben found some shirts and a pair of jeans. I got a couple of skirts and top or two. Joseph discovered a 50 book set of nearly 100 year old books. Kind of a collection of the world's wisdom. From Socrates to the end of the 19th Century. (19th? is that right? Printed in 1910) $3 each. That's a lot of money! But he was captivated by these books. So, he asked them if they would give him a deal on buying the whole set. $75 and Joseph has quite a library. Now, WHERE does he put them?

Grabbed some hamburgers and on to the ward activity.

Fun in a Box! Holly F had gotten boxes and boxes! There were many dozens of boxes! The kids made a giant tower.

I was more or less stationed at the missionary boxes - we have two young men and a couple out right now. I was there with paper, pens and stickers to encourage people to write to them and put the letters in the appropriate box.

In a non-box activity, Greg F had all the kids sitting in a big circle with metal pots and bowls which they pounded on with metal serving spoons alternatively waving light sticks in the air and yelling (not at all simultaneously) "The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!) as he told them the story of, well, Gideon.

We were split up into groups. We, the yellow group, tossed bean bags into boxes labeled "Perfect" (not purr-fect, but per-FECT) for perfect the Saints, "Proclaim" for proclaim the Gospel, and "Redeem" for redeem the dead - the 3-fold mission of the church- when our leader named something like "tithing" "prayer" "temples" "apostles" and so on. Then we would have to say how the thing he said fit the purpose we had tossed the bean bag in -or the other way around? How they fit each other.

Back together, there was a game of musical boxes, while other children played in, under and with boxes. I had to break up a box boxing match which I am sorry to say did involve a certain soon to depart on his mission young man. All good fun, but with too much potential.

Finished with boxes, we had a family fun dance beginning with the Bunny Hop, then Hokey Pokey and the Limbo, before some actual dancing. Swing and Latin rhythms were what got people out on the floor tonight.

Two "Saturdays" in a row and not enough! Didn't finish my laundry or do much of any housework. No yard work. Nor much studying. How do people do it???!

They were two good days, though. And tomorrow (oops, today now) I am looking forward to a day of worship and rest. And, maybe? time to stamp?

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  1. It's fun to hear about your days. Andrew is lucky he gets to use the gym at the MTC. That was under construction when I was there, and we had to play touch football in the snow in the field across the street, or go to a chapel nearby to play volleyball.

    Glad you got a camera so you can upload some more pictures. And your ward activity sounded really fun and well-planned. Ours usually consist of potluck dinner and that's it. Ours is an old ward, though, with not a lot of young children to cater to. The older people like to sit and eat while chatting.