Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mostly because I haven't posted in a week

Last Tuesday was our ward (congregation)'s Relief Society (women's
organization) birthday dinner. I skipped that to go to a men's sale
at Macy's. No, they were not selling men. I am not shopping in that
department anyway. Not for the foreseeable future. Probably wouldn't
want a man you could get a Macy's either. But I digress.

The sale was for men's clothing and I am in the process of dressing a
young man for a mission.

Not looking for suits either. He has a couple of suits that we got at
the last Deseret Industries (LDS run thrift store) suit sale. AND
Nila C just hemmed them and his white pants! I hope to get him a good
possibly wool suit at Mr Macs in Salt Lake City. again I digress

We were looking for long sleeve white shirts and a belt or two. What
was I thinking? Macy shirts on sale cost as much as shirts regularly
priced elsewhere. While Andrew was trying something on, I ran into D
Hunt on a Daddy Daughter Night - he took her to ride the mall carousal
before coming to check out the Macy's sale - she did get to have some
fun. He said that the Macys shirts were "too nice" and wrinkled too
easily. He recommended Van Heusen from Penneys. I think he. like us,
left without buying anything.

When Andrew rejoined me, we went to Penneys. Couldn't find any white
VH shirts, but we bought a couple of belts and saw D Hunt and daughter

We went to Nordstrom Rack to look for shoes. Didn't find shoes, but
we bought luggage.

I had never been to Nordstrom Rack before, didn't even know it was
there, and didn't know that Ross and Marshalls were right down the
road. All of them not far from home on a street I have traversed many
times. I just don't shop much.

Found Ross and got a couple of VH "test" shirts. Is he 15 1/2 32-33
or 34-35? Turns out to be 32-34. Wow! Ross prices are a lot lower!
Not all ads are lies.

It was too late to go to Marshalls.

This Tuesday Andrew and I have platelets appointments at the
Bloodsource. We will probably eat dinner there - they usually have
sandwiches and soup for the donors. After that, we may go to Ross,
Marshalls and the Rack to see what we can find. We need shoes.
Really good shoes.

We also need to get him a rain coat and galoshes. He will have to get
his winter wear in Canada, but we need to get him his MTC and Canadian
spring outter wear before he goes, I think.

Oh, and we need to get him dark, conservative, V neck WARM sweaters.

I can hardly remember what I did the rest of the week. Except babysit
the almost next door grands on Wednesday. E borrowed my stamp set
"All in the Family".She's pretty good at lining up the body parts!

Saturday morning after Scout Committee Meeting and getting a birthday
present in the mail, we worked on the family room for the first time
in a couple of busy weeks. Amazing how much junk we can throw out and
still not seem to make any real headway.

We found out that about the only things still good in 72 hour
backpacks we filled YEARS ago were - some hard candies, mini-games,
mini flashlights (surprisingly) and a couple of lighters. Need to
shop for 72 hour kit food. And actually have our 6 month "picnic" and

We are hoping to find the family room and then get a Wii in time for
Andrew to get to play a bit before he goes. I am going to have to
toughen up and do stuff after work, despite being tired. When not
shopping or going to meetings. I don't know if we will make it.

Church today was great. One speaker, an RM (returned missionary) told
us about one lady that they taught who as soon as they started talking
to her felt a witness of the spirit, believed, and was ready to commit
to bapism the first time they met her. She introduced them to her
daughter who was completely different. She had to ask a lot of
questions, think, study, pray and struggle before she knew. They both
developed strong testimonies. That wasn't what his talk was about
actually. He was talking about tithing, sacrifice, and yes,
testimony. However, I liked hearing about people seeking truth and
finding it through their different gifts.

Is it better to believe and have faith immediately or is it better to
work it through, question and learn? One is not better than the
other. Both are good. We need to do a bit of both, I think. Even if
we receive an immediate witness, we need to study and learn. Even if
we learn by study and testing, sometimes we have to go by faith in
what we have already tested. There have been things I have not
particularly "liked" or understood, but because I have a testimony of
the gospel as a whole, of living prophets and priesthood authority, I
have accepted the word of those I have learned to trust. As
incredible as it seems, I realize that God might sometimes know more
than me. As arrogant as it seems, I still sometimes want to "counsel
the Lord" and have to struggle with faith and trust a little. So
far, not too bad. I pray to be faithful, but would rather not have to
face the test!

In Relief Society we talked about Joseph Smith's faith in the face of
trials and adversity. How grateful I am for that faith and

As we entered the house after church, Ben breathed in and said, "I
love you, Mom!" Pot roast!


  1. In Sunday School we were talking about "The field is white, already to harvest." and one of the things someone mentioned was that, fields of different things harvest at different times. And that's the same with people, too. Some are ready to "harvest" at different times than others. There isn't a right or wrong, just what is right for each person. :)

  2. I love Van Heusen shirts. I started buying those when Cory was little and my sister told me about them.

    Andrew is lucky in that he is arriving in Canada in the spring. LOL. They are starting to thaw.