Friday, March 20, 2009

Hooking Up

I can almost hear the gasps from the younger generation for whom these words have been successfully hijacked.

That's not the only thing it means, you know.

hook up:
To assemble or wire (a mechanism).
To connect a mechanism and a source of power.

To meet or associate: We agreed to hook up after class. He hooked up with the wrong crowd.
To become romantically or sexually involved with someone.
To marry or get married

But I wasn't actually thinking about any of those things. I was just smarting off with that.

I am crocheting a crib blanket like I have crocheted for my grandchildren for the child of a dear friend who is himself the child of dear friends. Normally this is too large an undertaking for nonfamily, both in time and money. (It doesn't take much to be too much for me!) But these are dear true friends who have sustained me in some of my difficult times and honored me in their special times. I am rushing this blanket and I hope I am not messing it up too much. Much of the work is being done as a passenger in the car in the dark and on crowded light rail trains. One does what one can when one can.

What I don't like about crocheting, besides that I, a naturally warm person am covered with a nice warm bunch of yarn, is that I cannot do things like read when crocheting. It is great for watching movies, but I am not watching movies on light rail. It is also good for thinking.

What I do mostly is think about the peoeple I am crocheting for or have crocheted for. So, lately I have been thinking alot about babies, about my babies (for whom I never crocheted a blanket) and their babies. About how beautiful, good and smart my children and my grandchildren are. About what a blessing it is to know that my grandbabies have good, loving, faithful, responsible parents. I think about my children who are not yet having babies and HOPE that I will be able to crochet their blankets when the time comes. (Some of my joints get a bit achy about it.) I think about my good friends and how they have blessed my life. I have been very blessed in my friends.

Crocheting is a very warm experience.


  1. You could start making baby blankets to have "on hand", then if you are too achey to make one when your younger kids start having kids, you'll still have some handmade blankets by Grandma.

  2. Yes, good idea. I have even thought of it. However, as a chronic crises manager, I have trouble coming up with the time and money in advance. Something to work on!

  3. I know how to crochet, but haven't picked up my hook in a long time due to frustrations. My kids were too small and loved to watch it unravel. Even if I hid it I would come back to less than I left.

    Now that they are older, I should get it back out again.