Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bad Poetry Day

Hooray! Hooray!
For Bad Poetry Day!
I wish that I had more time to play!
Oh, the bad poems I could say,
If I had time to write today!

When I posted Thursday, the 14, Benjamin was beginning to recover from a stomach/headache thing that had incapacitated him since the middle of the night Monday. Friday he was his old self again. Leaped from his sick couch and did some straightening in the family room. Was back to telling those outrageous stories he makes up.

Actually started the crazy stories Thursday night. I was wondering why Joseph was late getting home. Ben told me this whole story about Joseph stopping at Starbucks, getting a cup of cocoa, dropping his glasses in said cup, then somehow getting jostled around and ending up at a different table digging in some guy's coffee cup while the other guy wonders why his coffee tastes like chocolate and where the glasses came from.

Friday he and I went to SMUD for more woodchips and to City College to pay our fees and get his text book. (He is taking a Basic Psych class - 4 hours on Fridays. I am taking Governmental Auditing 11-1 Tuesdays and Thursdays downtown. No text listed for my class. ??) Anyway, Benjamin went from laying like a dead thing with a pillow over his face to full recovery with just a little convalescent time late Thursday. It is good to have him back!

Saturday we rented a U-Haul because Debi gave us her 8 foot black leather sofa. Her house is too small for it. It is big. Most houses are too small for it. It sure fills up the family room. But as each end is a recliner and it is pouffy, it is very comfortable, although actually a bit big for me. I will probably use the beat up old love seat more and leave the recliners to the guys - when I find time to lounge around! So, we moved the big beat up old couch to the front room, the love seat from the front room and put it in the family room with the new couch. No, they don't match, but we chose comfort over style. The old furniture badly - very badly - need re-upholstering. We just throw sheets over them. Do I need to get black sheets for the one in the family room. Shiny black sheets, I suppose, to match the couch. We shall see.

I was impressed by 1) how well Debi and Benjamin work together - a very effective team while Joseph and I were feeble helpers (of course, I also had my split-top thumb to be wary of) and 2) how strong they are. The two of them could lift and move even the heavy couch and needed very little help. The team work thing - Both Debi and Benjamin are good organizers and good self-starters. Also, they have had a special connection ever since he was born. She was a little second mother to him and they have always been friends. I am glad the connection is still there even though she has been out of the house for a long time now.

As we drove back and forth delivering the couch and returning the truck, I noticed that the line at the Squeeze Inn was not very long - rather unusual since the ADA law suit. So I offered to buy Debi lunch there. Of course, by the time we delivered the truck (I was so glad to be rid of that big lumbering thing! but glad to have had the use of it and glad NOT to have to use the $14 insurance I paid for!!), there was a good little line - not a lot by Squeeze Inn standards but enough to give Debi a real Squeeze Inn experience. ; ) The wait for your order was about half an hour. Whets your appetite. We all enjoyed our hamburgers and fries back at Debi's house - while Chloe (her Dane) looked on jealously.

Last night we cooked individual pizzas on the grill in the back yard. Ben made one for Anna which turned out best - thin crust and not too much toppings. It was fun and tasty.

I would write a bunch,
But the time for my lunch
Is over.

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