Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tree Killer

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he, he he, I thought I was emailing myself, not the blog, a picture.

Ben has been working hard around the house and yard attempting to bring order to chaos. He mows 2 or 3 times a week. Has weeded the entire front "garden" and put down wood chip mulch from SMUD. (Now there is nothing in the front garden but wood chips and the apple tree - my bulbs were sacrificed. sigh I need a plan for orderly re-introduction that will not allow weed take over.)

Now he is attacking the trees that are too close to the front of the house. He got the one is working on in the picture out last night.

In the foreground is a branch that he took off the big tree. He plans to demolish the big tree bit by bit. We hate killing trees, but these are too close to the foundation, unsightly, and the big one is killing a little tree in the front yard by depriving it of shade. It is also full of mistletoe.

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