Thursday, August 13, 2009

Progress Report on Boy, Bike and Bird

Should a progress report be its own post or a comment to the one it follows?

Benjamin is doing better. He has eaten some jello and a plain slice of bread. Although he is being patient and polite, he is getting a little tired of me offering him something to drink pretty much every time he shows any sign of life. I don't think he has thrown up at all today. I ate a sandwich and did not cook anything for lunch to make upsetting smells. I have actually seen him up walking around a bit. At the moment he is napping again - his body's response to his attempt to study the Sunday School lesson he is scheduled to give Sunday. Dilemma - will he be well enough in time to prepare and give the lesson, or should we make some phone calls?

I pulled precious few of the many weeds. I may pull a few more later. I am not as good a worker as Benjamin is. My thumb hurts. And I waited until the sun was on the garden - not so smart.

While I was off to the store for Gatorade (which I do not like at all, but fortunately Ben tolerates) and jello, the bird flew into the kitchen and tried that window. As Ben attempted to figure out how to get the screen off, the bird flew into the garage. Why?I wonder. It's dark in there. You would expect the bird to head for daylight. Benjamin opened the big garage door and is "pretty sure" the bird got out. Hope so! Joseph's cat (who mostly hangs out in the garage or outside because our two cats do NOT get along) was quite interested it.

I am definitely feeling a bit sore here and there from the morning bike crash. Methinks the dog is going to miss a few days of walking. Apparently part of the bike hit the back of my ankle. That big toe hurts, too. Not too bad, but I am not up for power walking. I only wish she understood why.

I think that nap idea is a good one.

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  1. Ouch!! I'm glad to hear that Ben is on the mend. I hope your aches and pains go away quickly!