Friday, November 6, 2009

The day started out ok.

 I walked the dog and then studied for a few minutes while Benjamin was at Seminary.  (Unfortunately, I cannot remember a key word and my notes on that are missing.  I have emailed my teacher, but have not yet heard back.) I defrosted the freezer and cleaned the bathroom.  I  picked up my daughter who was having her car serviced and took her back when it was done. I washed my clothes and the towels (but not my sheets.) The trouble started when I decided that I deserved a break and would scan the pictures Andrew sent and put them on his blog.  They scanned ok.  But then I spent literally HOURS trying without success to upload them on the blog.  Can’t put them on Facebook either, because I cannot DO anything on Facebook from the home computer anymore.  very frustrating.  There went the rest of the day without anything good to show for it.  I am thoroughly bummed and depressed now.  And I burned some popcorn.  There are worse smells, but it isn’t good.

Do I have the energy to change my sheets and take a shower?  That would feel so good!

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