Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting Technical

I have something of a love / hate relationship with technology.  What wonderful tools (and toys) technology provides - WHEN THEY WORK.  Time saving devices.  Also time EATING devices.

My children say I am a natural Beta tester.

You may have heard me complain that I do not get decent television reception at all.  I covet satellite TV, but the budget says no.  I don't have much TV time, but I like to have it on in the kitchen when I am working. Either I cannot get decent reception or nothing decent is on. Or both. This new HD thing? I don't know.  Lame converter boxes? Bad cables? Bad karma? Who knows?!

Friday, I spent literally HOURS on this old dinosaur of a computer trying to put pictures on Andrew's blog -without success.  Tried again yesterday. No deal.  This morning, for some reason, it appears to be working.  Slowly, but working.   Andrew sent 'interesting' pictures.

The day I took Andrew to the MTC, after glowing recommendations from friend and one son, I bought myself an iPod Touch thinking it would replace my stolen Palm. My friend Kent named it Winnie.  I rather wanted Peg.  He said Winnie the Peg. While it didn't really suit my Palm needs, Winnie was great for listening to books on tape Kent put on it while I drove home alone from Utah, I was able to buy a great LDS scriptures application, play games, and download podcasts to listen to at work.  Until suddenly the Music - used to access the podcasts -  button began to result in a white screen that I could not get rid of.  Fortunately, after a minute or two, the screen would go to menu.  But no more listening to my radio shows. Or watching the evening news the next day.

I tried to find answers on-line.   I went to the Apple Store at the mall.  Closed for rennovation.  Went back after it opened, but was told that I needed to get an appointment to see a 'Genius'. Half the time I have had this Touch, I have not had full use of it.

Yesterday, while doing other errands, I (dragging Joseph and Benjamin along) took a chance and dropped by the Apple Store.  Wonder of wonders!  They said I could see a Genius in 20 minutes.  It was a bit longer than that.  Genius Isaac fiddled with my Touch,  frowned and hmmmmm-ed a lot.  Not a good sign.  Finally, he told me that he was going to have to wipe it clean.  Winnie would suffer severe memory loss! The only real loss would be my scriptures, which theoretically, can be restored via Joseph's computer. I told him to do what he had to do.  While that happened we tried to entertain ourselves in the store.  I increased my coveting of a MacbookPro.  I would very much like a 13 inch, I think.  With the add-ons, I 'need,' I think we are talking $2000.  Not today, sigh.  I did manage few minutes on Facebook.  Isaac brought my Touch.  I almost left without realizing that Winnie had not only lost her memory but much of her mental capacity.  I went back to Isaac who apologized and reconnected her to the mother ship.  After at least two hours, we left - Winnie, hopefully of sound mind, but no memories.

I spent much of yesterday evening looking for free applications.  I got my favorite games (now there's an important priority. in my defense, while I mentioned them first here, I went to utilities and productivity to look for applications before I went to games), my weather app - so I can see my and my various children's weather - and a great new application (hmmm maybe I shouldn't tell you as it means I have know excuse for forgetting) Birthdays.  It even downloaded my friends' birthdays from Facebook.  I spent an hour this morning adding non-Facebook family.

No Scriptures yet.

Joseph is having computer issues of his own.  Something he is doing has run for over 30 hours without finishing, so his computer has not been available to give me back my scriptures and this old family computer is not capable.  He is quite frustrated.  He doesn't want to stop it in case it ever does finish.  He doesn't even know if what it is he is doing will even work. And he cannot use his computer.

On of the other errands was to visit the Verizon store.  I thought I was up for new every 2, but not yet.  And I think new every 2 has changed, it is now something like a $50 discount every two.  We chatted about the new Droid which I think would be great! Except for being $300 going out the door and $26 more a month.  technical details.  Internet access.  GPS. (I miss my stolen GPS alot sometimes.  Now I have to get a map and read it - or try  to - can you imagine?!) It would be awesome, if I were a little bit richer.  At least my phone works.

Technology.  Amazing. Frustrating. Wonderful.  Awful and awesome.


  1. Bill had a lot of the same issues with his blackberry, and it has been retired to a shelf in the office.

    I hope the phone works for you better now.

  2. I am not nearly as technologically savvy as you are. I hope that makes you feel better. :)