Friday, November 6, 2009


Recently a daughter and a friend who is not my daughter - I like to think that my daughters are also my friends - posted on their blogs lists of things that have kept them too busy to blog.  Would that I could also share so interesting and productive a list!

Alas!  Not happening here.

I drive B and his bike to early morning Seminary.  Go home,  Usually wash the dinner dishes from the night before.  Bike to work.  Work. Bike home.  Then I - pick one: make dinner, drive myself and/or son(s) to meetings, pay bills, collapse.  Family prayer and scriptures.  A tired half-attempt at personal scriptures and bed.  That’s it folks.  Not a bad life, but hardly fascinating.

Since the end of daylight savings time, I bike home in the dark. When I get off at the usual time, I start out with a little light, but it is pretty dark by the time I am halfway home. On the nights I make up time for the class I am taking, I start out in  full darkness.  There is some light from street lights (not much) and from traffic (towards me, that’s blinding; behind me, that’s helpful).  So far I have been biking under a full moon, so it will soon be even darker. I use flashing lights on my bike, and reflectors, so I feel reasonably visible.  The bike lights are better for  helping me to be seen (which I appreciate!) than to see.  Biking semi-blind took a little getting used to.  My big concern is garden refuse with sticks and branches poking out!  Traffic going my way helps show them up and if there is not traffic, I tend to ride out in the street a little more, so that’s not really much of a problem.

I will not jinx myself by mentioning that it has been a few days since my last flat.  But Joseph has had a flat or two after a long period without and also has an issue with rubbing brakes.  sigh

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