Friday, October 30, 2009

Pick on Matt

Matt, my cube mate, made the mistake of telling Rachel (a super smart, fun gal in our unit)  that he wanted in on all the "top secret" meetings the Admin Picnic planners have or rather had (back in the day before horrific budget cuts when we had an annual admin picnic.  Even though we paid for the picnic, we did have it on state time. Can't do that anymore!  It was wonderful.  We learned more about our fantastic state parks and renewed our dedication to them.  We refreshed. It was a morale building, bonding experience.  My only complaint was that families were not invited - Parks employees only.)

Almost any meeting Rachel is involved with is 'top secret.'

Rachel is certain that one happy day  the budget will balance and we will have an Admin Picnic again.

Rachel told Matt that in preparation for that glad time he had to prove himself by planning a Halloween Party.  I don't know if she meant for our unit, but it became a whole section Halloween Party planned by the mentor Rachel and apprentice Matt with help later from Cynthia and Catherine. 

Lots of top secret meetings and whispering in the office.

The party was today and it was great.  Lots of people in costumes, judged by our 'celebrity' judges - one of them our deputy director, Manuel.  Awards to the Cashiering unit who all dressed as black cats with feathered pink boas and to Carrie the incredible California Happy Cow. Matt was a great Friar Tuck.  Rachel a cute cowgirl. I was in Fancy Nancy mode.  Lots of great sandwich fixings, chips, dips and treats.  Word search, Bingo.  Visiting. Including a visit by the Department Director Ruth.

A week or so before the party, our section head called for a Christmas Party committee.  Matt got volunteered. 

Yesterday, an email came down from on high asking for someone / unit to spearhead the annual departmental (ok, headquarters) Food Drive. 

Rachel emailed that Matt said he wanted to do it as he is really getting into this kind of thing.

When Matt read that, he replied that while he would be honored to work on it, the job was too much for one man so we should work together as a unit.  Turned that around, didn't he?

Either naive to the sarcasm and teasing or taking advantage of it,  our boss, Liz,  sent the word up that our unit would do it.  nice.

You do not know how disappointed I was to get the email this afternoon breaking the news that another unit volunteered before us.  Matt was quite heart-broken, let me tell you.

Now Rachel is talking about getting me on a committee.

I did suggest a Stocking Stuffing contest for the Christmas party.

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