Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning

Monday, Monday!

First the weekend was just TOO short.

Then I started Monday morning with a back flat tire. The good news with that is that I learned it was a valve stem issue. Must use more care when putting everything back together because those things slip and then they tear easily. Another good thing is that I discovered it immediately upon returning home from dropping Benjamin at Seminary when I went to do my regular weekly pump-me-up. My fairly hard tire just when whooosh!. There went my bit of morning home time.

First thing at work, I discovered a stupid little mistake I made Friday that will cost me a couple of hours of work. Then the printer messed up an automated check – TWICE. I finally fooled the computer into thinking it was going to print the check, feeding scratch paper through, and hand typed the check.

All before lunch. At least, thought I, “I should get a letter from my missionary any minute.”

I did:

I was just wrapping up a long Email I was writing when the window suddenly closed! DDD=
No time to rewrite! D=
I'll have to try and fit it all in next week. =(
But, other than that, life has been wonderful. ^^ Thanks for you gift suggestions. Those that haven't sent in requests yet, please do.
See you next week! ^^
Your loving Missionary, Elder Andrew Robarts”

I always wish his letters were longer, but really!
After that, MY internet crashed.

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