Friday, October 16, 2009

just becaue I haven't posted in a week

The biggest excitement about my posting today is I changed to fall colors.

I spent most of this beautiful day inside at the computer - paying bills, trying to figure out how much money I have, thinking about Christmas and the graduation celebration(s?) I want to have for David and Teresa.  I feel like I have been working hard, but I don't have much to show for it.

Maybe, I will join the Single Adults on a hike tomorrow.  Up near Lake Clementine (wherever that is) near Auburn.  Should be a lovely day.  Although, there is always so much work to do and Christmas is coming faster than my present gathering. Still thinking about it.

After my spate of unexplained flat tires, my bicycle has been flat free for over a week (knock on wood. ouch! my head hurts). I haven't been having to pump it up every day either - couple of times a week, but not daily.

Tuesday, we had a big wind/rain storm.  I did not bike.  I even drove Joseph to work and light railed from Mather.  I saw over half a dozen bikes parked outside our building, though! (Who knows how many bikers with bike lockers rode in.)  I did wonder as I waited for over half an hour in the wind and rain waiting for light rail which should have come soon after I got out there whether that was any improvement over bicycling.  However, my main concern is the safety of riding in gusty wind.  Storm over and back on my bike, biking past all the storm debris in the road is a bit exciting sometimes.

Must fix dinner. The boys are going to their sister's this evening to watch "Ironman."

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