Monday, October 26, 2009

Time Change

When I wake up on Sunday morning, I have to decide what to do first. If I get ready for church and start dinner, by the time I am ready to go on the computer, somebody else is. Yesterday, I felt that I really needed to get to it. I know we are not supposed to work on Sunday, but I had a small stack of bills I had been unable to get to. I didn’t even do emails or my Christmas shopping on-line - things I have waiting in ‘shopping carts’ but I didn’t want to use my credit card from my work computer. Just paying bills and doing some bookkeeping. I was feeling pretty relaxed and I did blog, but I didn’t go on Facebook. I thought I had another good hour or so to get ready. I left the computer to put the roast in the oven . As Ben might say, *Le Gasp!* the clock in the kitchen said 11:30 NOT 10:30 like the computer clock! Apparently, the ancient computer automatically did the Fall time change, but the time change has changed and the computer is too old to know it. I had to quickly throw on my clothes and take my make-up to put on in the car while Benjamin went to choir practice. Tense tummy. But it worked out.

Later that evening when I moved to the chair our Home Teacher had recently vacated, I realized that the poor man had probably stayed much later than he intended/or realized, but the clock he was facing was wrong, too.

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