Saturday, October 3, 2009

trying to do a quick catch up before heading off to conference

First, a deeply felt, whole-hearted Amen! to Sariah's post Have you ever wondered..?

now, back to my story  ; ) -

By the time I got to work Wednesday, the tire was spongy again and, of course, flat by the time it was time to head home.  I simply pumped it up as best I could and rode on it.   Back home, I took it apart again and looked in vain for pokies.  The hole was in a different place.  Tuesday, it was against the wheel; Wednesday on the side.  Could not find a cause!

Tom called wanting to go to Lowes - ready to begin working on venting the attic!  So I left my bike in pieces in the front room, spent a hour or so discussing educational theory  with Tom - he brought it up - he's been reading something like Thomas Jeffersonian Education and now thinks that we did some things very right in our attempts to home school. We agreed that too often public education sucks the joy out of learning whereas the key to success is to learn to learn , to learn to learn,  reading skills, and a key thing to him - mentoring.  I am not sure what he thinks I did right, except encouraging you to take some theater at SCC - something you were interesting, but I could not help much with.  Spent $400 plus.  Invested, I say.  Came home and put the bike back together.

Thursday morning, to my dismay, Ben decided there wasn't time to get his bike out.  I was not happy. But he came out of Seminary more quickly than usual and I still managed to bike in.  ; )  The patch held and I did not have another flat. 

That night (after my bedtime) Tom came over after one of his meetings. He and Benjamin did some preliminary work in the attic.

Friday morning soon after Seminary, Tom was back.  He and the boys - Ben until his Psych class - installed four attic vents and a solar fan.  Hopefully, the  whole house fan will work better now!

I spent most of the day shopping and prepping food for conference.  Miriam changed the menu, making things simpler for me.  She is bringing pulled pork and buns, so I am just bringing PB and jam sandwich fixings.  She talked me into Stuffed Eggs instead of egg salad sandwich stuff.  I did the layered dip and a veggie tray.  Plus grapes, bananas and oranges.  She is bringing brownies, too.   Costco didn't have the ice cream sandwiches I like to get for the missionaries.  ; ( 

Now I had better finish loading up and get going.

Off to sit at the feet of living apostles and prophets! 

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  1. How did your luncheon go? We always think of you between sessions, I know the missionaries (and especially their moms back home) really appreciate all of the work you do to serve them! :)

    Conference has been fantastic so far, don't you think? :)