Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ride into the Rainbow

Monday, October 19, 2009 with Tuesday inserts

The morning weather report was for a few scattered light showers
clearing up to sunny, mild weather. I biked in under light sprinkles
and mist – refreshing, not really wet, riding towards a beautiful
bright rainbow with a lighter double. It seemed so close; I almost
thought I would bike under the arch. However, they faded one after
the other before the illusion was corrected. ... My more scientific
sons tell me that the rainbows faded to me because I rode nearly under
them, changing the angles so I could no longer see them. To someone
further east, it might have appeared that I rode under them. Cool!

Rainbows remind me, once I cast from my mind the symbolism pre-empted
by modern groups, of God's covenant with Noah and His promises in
general. They remind me that some people say their pets have crossed
the Rainbow Bridge when they die. People, too, I suppose. They
remind of me of something I heard, but have not chased down, that
Joseph Smith said that the year one sees a rainbow is not the year
that Christ shall come. (would that be next 12 months or remaining
calendar year? I don't even know where I heard it, therefore I do not
know whether it is true that he said anything like that.) I used to
ask God to delay the Second Coming to give me time to repent as I am
burning stubble material. But I am not making the progress that I
ought to while so many innocents suffer, that now I am more likely to
pray for the Millennium to be hurried in, too bad for me. Oh, to see
that great day when the Prince of Peace rules and there is no more

The weather report changed. Apparently, the sprinkles increased to
light rain and are going to stay the day. My poor bike is out in the
rain, along with a dozen or so others. I put a plastic bag over my
seat, so it should not be sodden. It appears I will be biking home in
the rain. I brought my rain jacket and light gloves, but not my rain
pants and warm gloves. As long as it is not windy, it should not be
too bad. I am so glad that I have my (optionally) flashing lights and
reflective leg wraps! ,,,, The rain cleared in the late afternoon
and the bike home was actually quite pleasant.

Sunday was a long and busy day. Best things first. The guys and I
visited Hinds' ward, Gerber Ward, because it was their Children's
Sacrament Meeting Presentation. The first delightful thing was the
program covers each had a child's drawing of himself or his family. I
got Jared's self portrait! The children all did well. They sang and
spoke clearly, so we could easily understand the sweet message of the
importance of families. Esther was one of the few children who had
memorized their parts well enough to give it without help. Most of
the children needed a little prompting, but said their parts
charmingly nonetheless.

After the presentation, the guys and I went home for an hour before
heading off to Benjamin's choir practice followed by our usual
meetings. Another brief hour at home before we all returned.
Benjamin had Missionary Prep, which was to have been followed by a
meeting with a merit badge counselor which got postponed until
Wednesday, and a Youth Fireside. Joseph met up with his Home Teaching
companion. I had Scout Committee Meeting followed by a visit with my
Visiting Teacher as well as with passers through the lobby. We talked
about Pilot Light Testimonies. Quietly burning in the basements of
our souls. Sometimes seeing others with their flaming testimonies, we
wonder if we even have one, but it is there. Some people get prayers
answered with drama. Most of us just have quiet warm feelings or small
events that we might almost not notice. "Coincidences". The Lord
quietly opening and closing doors for us to guide us - if we will go
through the doors He opens and not try to barge through those others.

We re-scheduled our Home Teacher's visit, because that was enough for
one Sunday. It was a good day.

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