Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Long Week Already

My first conscious, or rather semi-conscious thought when I heard the alarm this morning is, “That’s not supposed to go off on the weekend. Oh, it must be a weekday. What day is it? I think it’s Wednesday.”

Of course, when I checked, I learned it is only Tuesday.

Monday morning as soon as I returned from dropping Benjamin and his bike off at Seminary, I got my own bike out ,wondering if there would be any air in that pesky front tire. Yes! I did the (semi)regular pump’em up to target range and was pretty happy. Good ride in. But did you guess? It was flat when I went out to go home. Grr. I pumped it up and rode on it.

Benjamin and I checked everything again and I put a second patch on the tube – not in the same place. Ben found a tiny thorn stuck in the tire. Hooray! A reason eliminated. Maybe now the flats will stop. We pumped it up to 100psi.

This morning the tire had air, but was spongy again. Sigh! I pumped and rode. Not bad time for on incompletely inflated tire.

When they tell you that bicycling is good exercise, they don’t mention that they mean all the pumping air into tires, not pumping the pedals.

More fun for your friend.  First mid-term for Governmental Auditing today in about an hour.  To say that I have not adequately studied would be an understatement.  He has emailed us reams of "hand-outs" which we should know.  Did  I tell you that I had not planned on taking any classes this semester, but a co-worker persuaded me so she would have a study buddy - then she dropped the class! 

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