Friday, November 13, 2009

Uh, oh, a summons to the Principal's office!

As we passed one another after Sacrament Meeting, Bishop said, "I'll see you in a minute."
Obediently, I walked down the hall to his office.  Soon he ushered me in.
Me: You are going to tell me that if I am going to doze off during meetings, I have to sit in the back?
Bishop: (with a chuckle) If we said that, the whole Bishopric would be sitting in the back some weeks.
A little small talk about Andrew.
Then he hits me with something like: Are you ready to stand up and use your talents and abilities to serve the Lord?
Me: Gulp! stutter, stumble  My talents and abilities seem to still be largely hidden, what do you have in mind?
He asked me to serve as the building scheduler for 2010.
I nearly fainted with relief.  Again, he cleverly builds up the fearful anticipation so that his actual request comes as almost as a deliverance and his victim accepts the call gratefully.
Me: I was afraid you were going to call me as the sister Single Adult Representative.  I don't even participate.
Biship: No, I already turned you down for that.
Me: Thank you!


  1. Phew! I was thinking nursery or some such ridiculousness. I didn't know building scheduler was a calling?? LOL. I thought they just asked the most organized and compentent to do it. Hence, you. :D

  2. lol! I have a friend, about 60 years old, who got 'called in' to see the bishop. She was anticipating that she would be called to teach Primary. "I practiced saying 'no!' all the way down the hill" she said. Then he called her to be in charge of the women's quilting group. She was so relieved that, of course, she said yes! Ha.

  3. What's wrong with nursery or primary? Okay, nursery is a black hole, but primary is my favorite place to be.
    Anyway, good story, Mom.
    I love Bishop Young. He sure does have a sense of humor.

  4. Primary is foundational. If we get Primary right, we won't have as much trouble in Young Men and Young Women. Although, the family has more influence than Primary, Primary has helped save many a family.
    In Primary there are pictures, stories, and songs - wiggle songs, even.
    But Primary is WORK. Primary teachers are "on" for two hours every week, where other teachers have almost an hour a week, or the Relief Society teachers have an hour once a month! with people who usually sit still and listen. Only one of those two hours, granted, is teaching, but that one hour takes several hours of preparation and you cannot tell by class behavior whether they 'got' anything out of it. The other hour of 'policing' can be pleasant and restful or an absolute ordeal - depending on the class and on the presidency's presentation.
    Primary is often exhausting and frustrating, but it can also be wonderful.