Sunday, March 11, 2012

Arrogant Mormon Men

I have heard/read that Mormon men are arrogant because they hold the Priesthood.  Sadly, it is true that some are. I have known a few.  

However, I think the majority are good, humble men who try to live the counsel of President George Albert Smith (President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from May 21, 1945, to April 4, 1951) (emphasis added):

"Some men think that because they hold the Priesthood that that gives them a special way in which they may conduct themselves in their homes. I want to tell you that you men who hold the Priesthood will never get into the Celestial Kingdom, unless you honor your wives and your families and train them and give them the blessings that you want for yourselves.

"The authority of our Heavenly Father is upon the earth for the blessing of mankind, not to make those who receive that authority arrogant, but to make them humble; not to make those who have received special privileges feel that they are greater than others, but to make us humble in our souls, prayerful in our hearts, and considerate of all men in all that we do, and thus exemplify by upright lives that which our Heavenly Father desires us to teach.

"Being a member of the Church and holding the Priesthood will not get us anywhere unless we are worthy. The Lord has said that every blessing that we desire is predicated upon obedience to His commandments. We may deceive our neighbors, and we may deceive ourselves with the idea that we are going through all right, but unless we keep the commandments of our Heavenly Father, unless we bear worthily this holy Priesthood that is so precious, we will not find our place in the celestial kingdom."

I know and admire many fine LDS men who work hard to support their family financially, then go home to love, help, teach, and serve them temporally and spiritually and play with them, who give of their time to serve the church and the community, who are warm, open, friendly, good humored, helpful, kind - anything but arrogant.  In fact, the more respected they are in the church, the humbler and gentler seems to be their bearing. They are not stiff or standoffish, but welcoming and make others feel special and cared about both by their manners and by their actions.  They serve in callings where they have been asked to serve, but they also find countless opportunities to help and serve unbidden - always with a smile.

I don't think there is anything finer than a worthy Latter-Day Saint man (a worthy Latter-Day Saint woman being entirely his equal)

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  1. I think this post is relevant to ALL men!!

    Great sentiments Motherof8!