Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday Errand Night

Last night went straight from work to do a series of errands:

Home Depot to look for a fan for my desk - strike out

Target - look for a fan for my desk and maybe a replacement for my worn out little back-pack purse, and just for fun look at mini TV's like my co-worker has - strike out in on all 3

David's - to deliver a plate of cookies and say Happy Birthday, but he lives in a locked compound and didn't answer his phone - strike out

Pharmacy - to pick up Benjamin's pre-oral surgery prescriptions, but I didn't know it closed at 6 - strike out

Finally to Winco.  Can hardly loose there as they are open 24 hours.  There I successfully spent $200.  Let's hope I wasn't too tired to shop properly.Canned goods are now sitting around the dining room waiting to be rotated in and put away.

And on the way home, called David (using my hands free blue tooth) and was able to take him the cookies and visit very briefly with him and Teresa. : )

One remarkable and pleasant thing.  Winco was very busy (no, that's not the pleasant thing).  Full of families.  The whole time I was in the store, I did not hear one child crying.  I did not hear one parent yelling.  I heard normally spoken, polite corrections.  I heard chattering, laughing and singing.  I saw children helping get groceries.  I say parents playing with their children as they went down the aisles.  I heard a mom tell her child, "You are amazing!"  I thought about how tired these parents probably are after a day at work, but their love was stronger than their weariness.   It was heart-warming.  Gives one hope.

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