Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Battle Plans

I am a chocoholic.  I do not want to give up chocolate, but I do need to better control my frequent (nearly constant) chocolate urges. 

At work, I constantly have the munchies.  I realize that this is more emotional than a result of hunger born of hard physical labor!  But it feels real. 

This is a constant battle for me.  As I have diabetes and I am overweight, it is rather important that I win this battle more often than I lose.  I am coming out of a rather unsuccessful period on those fronts.

I put up a post it note on my work computer with sketched reminders of battle strategies. 
When I feel the urge:
1)     Look in the mirror.  (that sight is enough to make almost anyone lose their appetite)
2)    Think about
horses (I promised myself that at a certain weight (still far too much) I will take myself horseback riding.  Then I will set another goal for another ride)
clothes (clothes for less heavy people are easier to find and look better)
family  pictures (need I say more?)
the joy of living and how much nicer it is when healthy
3)    Drink water.  Drink more water.
4)    Chew gum or eat some healthy snack (harder to come by and keep than they should be for my good!)
5)    Move
6)    If I succumb to the urge – really SAVOR and ENJOY it, after all Dark Chocolate (in moderation) is not only heavenly to the taste, but also good for you,  : )

I have been doing quite well for me.  I went for 3 days straight without eating any chocolate and a few other days with very, very little.  (Or much other unhealthy snacks, but chocolate is the real temptation.)  I haven’t had a cup of cocoa/chocolate milk in at least a week.  I am not giving it up, just learning to have better control - consume less and enjoy it more.  

My struggle gives me some sympathy for others with their addictions.  It isn’t easy no matter how much we know or want to do better. 

I find myself hoping that if I improve my own self-control, that somehow that can help strengthen others I care about with their struggles - some of them more serious than chocolate. 

I also remind myself and consider that if I am going to live up to my heritage as a daughter of my Heavenly Father  and hope to be entrusted with greater powers, I need to learn to handle what I have. 

What are some of your battle strategies for whatever demons you are fighting?


  1. I appreciate your ideas! I eat too much (dark!) chocolate, too. Every day. I might try some of your strategies.

  2. A large part of me firmly believes that there is no such thing as too much dark chocolate and that a day without chocolate is a day not fully lived.

    Unfortunately, that is a very large part of me that needs to be somewhat diminished. Reducing is a struggle.

    I think only sick people lose weight. The rest of us fight it off ounce by ounce, and sometimes we fight without any apparent success.

  3. Best wishes in all your healthy endeavors, Muum!