Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am a Carnivore, Omnivore, actually, with strong Carnivore leanings

Why do the Costco samples usually taste so much better than the product does after you buy it?  I have been “caught” by this more than once and now, if I am at all interested, I ask the sample person how they prepared it.  Which helps. 

So the guys and I all had some “Meatless Ground” and were pretty impressed.  (Tomato sauce added)

Joseph bought some for himself for work and I bought a couple of packages.  It’s better than most meat-substitutes I have tried.  (Do not put Tofu in anything I am supposed to eat.  Just leave out the meat if you must).  But it seems to really need support from tomatoes.  Joseph was pretty disappointed in using it for a cheeseburger.   We had it in overly spicy (for me) spaghetti-like stuff.  Not bad. Tomatoes and spice (but not quite so much, please) cover a multitude of sins. (and the left-overs heated up well in the microwave for lunch today.  The package warns against overcooking and as they recommend you cook it in sauce, I suspect that it will pretty much dissolve if you cook it too long)   We think it is probably good for spaghetti and tacos and things like that.  I will probably buy it again.

We each of us to varying degrees would like to reduce our meat consumption – for humanity and (supposedly) health.  But I really, really like meat.  And I know I need protein to feel and function my best. 

Do you have any good vegetarian recipes for carnivores?


  1. Is the Meatless Ground in the freezer section? I should have read this before going to Costco today, I would have tried it. I don't like tofu at all and I haven't been thrilled with the meat substitute I picked up in my grocer's freezer section. So, I usually just go totally meatless.

    Recently, I've been using organic chicken (and will eventually get some organic ground beef as well, when my supplier has it) and so far it seems that I can eat that without an increase in my headaches. :) I'm hoping the same will go for the ground beef when we try it.

    Most of the time I don't mind the meals we have without meat, but sometimes it just needs the meat. I add lots of veggies when I take out the meat from a recipe, and that ends up making the dish more flavorful a lot of the time. :)

  2. It was in kind of the deli refrigerator section.