Friday, March 9, 2012

Falling Through the Cracks

With his wisdom teeth successfully removed, Benjamin should now be ready to submit his papers.  Except that we need to tract down some forms..

The dentist, whose office is closed on Fridays (today) needs to finish and fill out papers now that his teeth are out.  I don't know yet if that necessitates another visit so she can see for herself or what.

The doctor whom he saw Dec 29 did who knows what with the form we left with him.  After several phone calls and emails, I was finally able to speak to a helpful person who said that we need to take the form the medical secretary's office ourselves and Benjamin needs to sign a release.  Forms left with doctors tend to "fall through the cracks."

Off we go.


They said it's a 10 day process.

As we were submitting the request, it occurred to me, being as we are having it mailed to Bishop Adair, maybe it was?  Benjamin does not think so.  This time we are having a copy sent to Bishop and to us, so we will know.
 : )


  1. Is this for his Mission?

    WOW! Seems like you just sent one off for HIS Mission not that long ago!

  2. Yes, it is for Benjamin's mission. He is very eager to get going and is somewhat frustrated at how long the paperwork has taken. I think he has it all ready to turn in now..

    Yes, his brother, Andrew, got home only a year ago. Some families have multiple children out on missions at the same time. I am glad that was not true for us. Both because of finances and because I miss them so much when they are gone.