Sunday, March 25, 2007

Socket To Me or My Home is a Slider Puzzle

Before I could move my clothes to the closet in my new room, we had to move the lower wire shelf/hanger thing. It was too high for me to use the top one and too low for me to use it. With Joseph's help, I got that done - more holes in the closet wall, but that can wait. Most of my hangups got moved.

I am going to switch from the double (or queen?) bed I was using to a bunk bed. I don't have room in my new room for the bigger bed and I can use the top bunk for storage. Besides, the mattress I have is so bad, old and lumpy, that when David and Teresa were here and I gave them use of my room, they opted to share a bunk rather than spend a second night on it. My old back is asking for a change.

So, we took apart the bunk bed, carried the pieces into the other room and began to reassemble. (Toil and sweat! It takes a lot of socket turning!) At some point we cracked the socket we were using! Still usable - as long as it didn't meet any real resistance. We might have been ok, except as we were tightening the last bolt ont he bottom bunk (already thinking the top might have to wait for another day), we realized that we couldn't get it in because it wasn't quite straight and all the other 7 bolts needed to be loosened. Which the cracked socket couldn't do.

Even though it was nearly 8 and we still hadn't had dinner (I was finally starting to cook while the guys did the handyman bit), I went to Home Depot to get a new socket. Also to replace a small wooden peg my dog had eaten.

Have you heard the commercials that begin, "Day such and such" The most recent one I heard was "Day 21" our hero makes the dangerous ascent up one of the towering stacks of dusty goods, spots a search party in the distance, clambers down, and rushes into their arms - only to find that they thought he was there to find and rescue them! Last night I began to understand those commercials. Where are the helpful people in the orange aprons????

I found the sockets on my own. Even found sockets sold individually. Not in my size, of course. Also, noted that I was carrying a Craftsman (Sears, right?) while HD had something like Husky's or something - but not Craftsman. The way they were packaged, I could not tell if they would fit our tool handle thing. Spent some time searching for an orange apron. Finally found one guy who didn't know about sockets, but directed me to a guy who did, who assured me that they would most likely work. I had to buy a set of 10 to get the right size. It could have been worse. I found the dowels, but they didn't have any the right size.

Guess what, the sockets do not fit on our tool. I will have to take them back after work tomorrow. Maybe I will head to Sears after that. Possibly check Yankee Hardware, first, where they really are helpful.

The boys moved all the stuff we had moved off the bunk onto my bed back off my bed. We finally had dinner around 9 or so. oh well, makes Fast Sunday a little easier?

Every room has too much stuff in it. Every room has stuff that needs to be moved to another room - when that room is ready. We need to empty out the big room completely so we can paint and all. Not nearly all the stuff goes in my room. We folded up the dinner room table, so the dining room can be (again) temporary storage for things we want to keep whose room is not available yet - and for stuff that we are going to donate the Scout Yard sale until we get enough together to send on to the Scout storage. It will be a while before things begin to look better!

I am thankful
* for strong, helpful boys
* a house with multiple rooms
* it's OUR house!!
* close by Esther (who helped carry things like nuts and bolts) and Jared, not to mention also Tom and Ruth
* a place to sleep in peace
* my dog, even though she did eat that peg

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