Friday, March 9, 2007

Thank you, Richard Drew.

I was going to say, Thank you, Mr Scotch. But actually, the inventor was Mr. Drew.

Yesterday started off well enough.

A pleasant visit at the dog park, then I picked up the boys from Seminary and took them and the dog home.

Somehow, we got behind schedule. Realizing that I was going to miss my best option train AND that I had run out of eggs and sausage at work, I decided to treat myself to a fast food breakfast sandwich betwene trains. FAST? food. Not when half the neighborhood lines up in the drive through for breakfast. I was barely on time for, not the second train, but the third train which would get me to work about 5 minutes late.

But wait, there's more! As I pulled into the train parking lot, I noticed that I had gotten greasy stains on my blouse. No time to go home and change as I was already late. I carry Tide To Go now. Unfortunately, it doesn't do too well on grease.

Cleverly, I decided to shorten my ID badge cord so that it mostly covered up the spots. Sadly, it didn't want to hold still and it sitting next to the spill was like pointing an arrow at it. That's where Richard Drew comes in. He invented Scotch tape. I rolled up a piece (and it really was Scotch tape, not some other brand tape) and put it between a strategically placed button and my ID so my badge would stay in place. It worked quite well, with one mid-day replacement.

Scotch tape saved the day.

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