Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bike Riding Can Be Dangerous

T street does a little jog at I think Alhambra. Going east, you very briefly turn south on Alhambra then east again on T.  Last night as I was biking home, just as I began to go east again on T, a car cut in front of me turning to go south on Alhambra.  Right in front of me!  I actually hit it with my front tire.  At point of impact we were nearly parallel so my front tire slid and bounced along the side of the car which did not even slow down.  Actually, neither did I much.  I was quite surprised to keep my balance and most of my momentum.  A northbound car waiting at the light saw the incident and honked at the offending car which I appreciated (including an angry gesture which did not offend me as much as usual as it was in my defense). 

That nothing serious happened is another tender mercy. 

Ruined my pantyhose, though.   My right leg is still a little lumpy from the run I had with a car door a few weeks ago.  Bike riding can be dangerous.


  1. I am glad that you ar ok, cars barely acknowledge other cars. they don't think about bikes, motorcycles, animals or people.

  2. scary!! i am so glad things turned out okay.

    What is worse, you know the offending driver went home and either justified his actions, or blamed you. ugh.