Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Lean and Hungry Look

Benjamin made me breakfast this morning. ; )

I mowed the lawn, did some errands.

Including going to Michaels for black cardstock and for some black and white paper to make notecards to give my boss. I had better get going on that little project! Yesterday (?) I dug out several stamp sets I might use. Today I got cardstock. So far, it all just sits on the "dining" room table, somewhat to Benjamin's frustration. Tomorrow is D day.

Looking at the craft supplies at Michaels made me miss Stampin'Up. I like Stampin'Up's stuff and the prices are very competitive (especially as I got a 'mother' discount!) Ruth isn't officially off the books yet, but it is only because so many of us did our last order when she announced she was quitting that it made her quota to stay in another quarter. We cannot keep doing that. (Drat!)

Benjamin and Joseph went with their Dad to see The Hubble at IMax and go to the State Fair. When I first heard about that, I planned to go with Anna to the coast for the late afternoon and evening.

That was before Naomi!

Instead I spend a couple of hours at the hospital. Ruth (and Naomi and Tom) have a private room. I think all the maternity rooms at Kaiser South are private now. They have a chair that makes into a cot for the Dad.(Not real comfortable according to Tom) When I arrived, Tom's sister Heidi (who has Esther and Jared until Ruth comes home) was there with the kids and most of her family - spouse and 2 of 3 children (I am pretty sure). Esther was snuggled up against Ruth. Jared was sitting at her feet holding Naomi. After a bit, Tom's folks arrived. For a short while there were 10 visitors there! The official rule is 3, I think, but the nurses are pretty lenient if Mom and baby are doing ok. I think everyone got a turn holding Naomi except Heidi who didn't mind because she got to hold her a long time yesterday. Heidi had brought Esther and Jared to see their baby sister before Hinds let any other visitors come Friday. Jared has great big brother/daddy instincts! He seems to love to hold Naomi and does so very competently. He is amazed by how little she is, but not frightened by it. Esther is less comfortable holding her and seems to need more reassurance about her place in the family. She will be fine. She is a good big sister to Jared. They are great friends.

When it was time for Naomi to eat again, everyone was politely shooed out, but Ruth let me stay. Afterwards I got to hold Naomi for a long time. Like Jared, I am amazed by her tiny perfection. When you think about this little creature being inside another not so large person and getting out without a zipper, she might seem pretty big. But when you look at her as a complete, perfect little person, she is so tiny! She is born already with the eggs with which she will conceive her children! (Plus a million or so) Isn't that amazing?! Babies are miracles. This one is particularly sweet and beautiful.

I had promised Anna some time together. It was a good bit late for a trip to the beach, so we took a short walk along the American River. Lots of people enjoying the river! When we got away from the people and found a place where the trail was right at the bank, I took Anna off lead and let her go down for a quick dip. A few Canadian geese watched warily, but without great concern. Back on the trail, I kept Anna on lead. Good thing, too! Heading back while Anna was excitedly checking out the brush where a hare had disappeared, I noticed another animal out of the corner of my eye. Too big for even a large hare, too small for a deer. What? I moved and looked again. Coyote! Not a terribly healthy looking one. Not that I actually KNOW what healthy coyote looks like, but I think not that. Very, very lean and rough looking. I was not quite sure if it was looking for the rabbit or Anna. As Anna and I moved on, I saw it again, or a second one, going along parallel to the trail in the brush not far from us. A bit further on, I turned around and there it was on the open trail definitely following us and not all that many yards behind us! Not as much as the length of my front yard. Twice I stopped and moved back toward it (threateningly, I hope) and told it "Sorry! not your dinner! Go away!" The second time, it was a bit further back than the first. Each time it only slightly turned away, with a snarly face. I felt both compassion and a little nervous. I am sure that if Anna was loose, despite her being a good bit bigger, Coyote would have decided it was feast time, especially if there were two of them. As it was, it even crossed my mind to wonder how hungry a coyote would have to be to attack a person. Anna only seemed slightly interested showing no inclination to investigate or to flee. I was not "scared" but I was happy to get back to the sounds of happy people frolicking at the water's edge.

10pm No boys back yet. Soon I suppose. Do you think they will have tried any of the exotic foods at the fair like alligator or python or chocolate-bacon what ever it is or deep fried twinkies?? Hopefully not just before going on any rides!

For me it is dreamland, however fitful it may be until my chicks, young cocks really, come home to roost.


  1. …. The boys came home about midnight. No exotic foods. A concert (not really their style) and the hypnotist show.

  2. I've never seen a coyote up close and personal. What an experience!