Monday, July 26, 2010

Lights, Sirens, Fire Trucks

Safely back at my desk after an emergency evacuation.  It was real, but pretty much a false alarm. Two rumors right now 1) burnt popcorn on the 11th floor (I am on 10) or 2) something a construction worker did.  

First we had to go to the 5th floor, which I dislike.  I do not feel necessarily safer on a different floor and it upsets the 5th floor workers who have not been evacuated.  It is uncomfortable standing around in the hall. 

 Happily (or unhappily because it meant they were really serious), they soon sent us out to the park on top of the GS (?) building across the street.  Much more pleasant!  We had fire trucks.  
Like I said, I am safely back now and about to go check my lunch which I had just put in the microwave (No, that is not what caused the evacuation)

The important thing is, that these things always remind me  of 9/11, how much I love my family and want you to know it.  So, let me tell you again.  I really do love my family and my many very good friends.


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