Monday, July 26, 2010

Weather Watch

I was a little anxious going into the weekend.

I knew that there was change in the wind and I was unsure how much of a storm there might be. Like so many others, my son, David, and his wife, Teresa, have been unable to find work since graduating from Cal Poly. My daughter, Debi, who has her own home offered to let them stay for a bit while they get on their feet. Unfortunately, in the month they have been there, she found that the loss of privacy and added stress of extra people (no matter how much she loves them) aggravated personal health issues she has been fighting. I knew she was going to tell them they cannot stay any longer and I was not sure how hurt or upset they might be. To the credit of all involved, they had a calm conversation with understanding, caring, and mutual respect all around - from all reports I have gotten.

David and Teresa will be staying in my family room - or maybe - the cluttered office/craft room for a couple of weeks while they sort out other options. I wish they could stay with the boys and I for the duration, but I am not their best option. Sadly for me, it is quite likely that they will be staying in her father's spare room down in LA. He is as excited about having them close as I was and as I am disappointed to see them go so far so soon. But I am glad that it is PROBABLY not going to be farther. Texas is also being considered.

I am proud of how my kids handled a potentially difficult and sensitive situation. Good people.

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  1. We went to stay with my parents for a couple months while we got on our feet and lived there for ten years. Fortunately, they loved having us and were always trying to keep us around, but the loss of privacy and needing your own space is a big issue. I'm glad things worked out between your children and they're all still friends. What a relief. And now you have them around for a little while. I don't think boomerang kids are going anywhere for a while in this economy.