Monday, July 12, 2010

Project Planning

I took Last Thursday off for family business. 

The main thing was going with Benjamin, David, and Brother B and meeting up with YM Pres.  McC and his two boys at Effie Yeaw Nature Center to get advice on Benjamin’s proposed Eagle project.   Brother B and David told us that it would be easier to build a deck than to level the ground.   Which is what the director (I think) of the nature center wants, anyway.  Brother McC told Benjamin to contact Brother H about concrete disposal, because he works at the county disposal site.  OR alternatively, since he is now building a deck, he might just smash up the concrete and leave it spread out under the deck.  They measured and re-measured – working out the size of the deck and where wheelchair access will be.

  Benjamin has sketches, rough measurements, and pictures.  He presents before our troop committee this Sunday. It is an ambitious project, but I am confident he can handle it. One thing that will make things a little difficult getting going is that the county just quit running the nature center and it is being transitioned over to a non-profit.  How much they can afford to have people there is still unknown.  Benjamin has been having trouble connecting with his contacts.   I personally think that the worst part of the project – besides going around to businesses asking for support – is going to be sanding all those benches.  The guys will probably love smashing the concrete.

I am a little disappointed that depending on the timing, Brother McC may not be around for much of this.  Not that this is his kind of work, but he is good to have around and inspires the boys. He is going to France for a while with a bunch of his students and then later the family is going camping.  What is left of it.   Before he returns from France, Sister McC is flying to Hawaii to leave T at BYU-H where his older sister already attends.  E will return and probably help with the project – when he isn’t camping.  Brother B will probably help a lot.  David probably will, too. Unless he gets blessed with a job (wouldn’t that be great?! – especially if it is not far away.  Tom wants him to get a job in Massachusetts so Tom can go back there and visit again (with a place to stay).  I would prefer they be close by.  But this is between David and the Lord and I am sure that they will get it right for David and Teresa.)  Actually, I have no idea when the work will begin.  Benjamin is planning on 3-4 work days. But first he needs to get all his approvals and line up material.

We saw plenty of deer as we drove in.  In fact, as we drove into the nature center’s parking lot, a buck ran across right in front of us.  We saw even more turkeys.  I am not sure, but I think Brother Brown was drooling.

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