Friday, July 30, 2010

progress, sometimes slow, but progress

As of my commute home tonight, I will have 280 bicycle miles for July.   

Speaking of my head hurting. I have been having a little headache and nausea since my bike crash Monday, I think.  Teresa asked me how I was doing this morning as I was running behind getting ready for work and acting mildly stressed.  I felt fine! No headache, no nausea.  My purple-y bruised thumb base on my hand is looking better.  My knee (just below the knee, actually) is scabbed nicely.  I am on the mend.

Sister S (Scout Committee Chair) has approved Benjamin’s project proposal on-line, so he just needs to get it to her to sign on paper.   Then he needs to get signatures from Effie Yeaw Nature Center.  After that, he goes to the District Advancement guy. And then we can get to work!  He hopes to have actual work days August 17-21.  Between approval and then, he has to go around and get material donations and organize his work force.  (and I have to think about refreshments)

Also, between now and then, the Priests have their Super Activity – going to Yosemite for most of a week.  They are going to climb Half Dome.  Benjamin can let us know what to expect. ; )   They are also going to do service for the park and general guys in the wilderness stuff.

He’s going to be busy!  And I really want him to find out about going to SCC this fall –even though I am going to have trouble with the money.  Classes begin Saturday, August 21, so it would be best if he can get his project done before then.  (no pressure, right?)

My Bishop is looking into having the ward help me with my condemnable wreck of a kitchen!  Makes me cry.  That would be so wonderful! 


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  1. At least David and Teresa are young and flexible, right? That helps a lot, even if it's uncomfortable for them. Good luck to them!