Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Demolition – dogs – baby - this is going to be fun

Last night we defrosted the freezer – which was a little past due – as part of the Big Empty. We don’t want to try defrosting it on the wood floor in the living room! And the ice chests in which we put the food while working on the freezer are going to be put somewhere out of the way for the duration. We are running out of places to put things, but not so quickly out of things to put. Teresa and Benjamin are doing wonders. Brother DLC wants to start Thursday – tomorrow!! – I think ‘we’ can be ready. ?

His plan is:
Thursday & Friday - demolition and prep
Monday - get materials
Tuesday - Friday: rough work and installation.
Monday - Tuesday: Finish.
Wednesday: Clean Up

This is interesting. I am on call for Jury Duty starting Monday - the day Brother DLC wants to get materials. Hopefully, they won't need me Monday!

Brother DLC is Mr. Mom to their baby girl while his wife teaches. I think that he will be bringing her with him and that Teresa will care for her.

Add to the fun – today Benjamin starts dog-sitting Tuffy (an Australian Shepherd who was one of my Anna's first friends) for 3 weeks. Demolition – dogs – baby – the kitchen stuff all over the house. Aren’t you sorry you are missing this?!

I was talking to one of the supervisors about needing time off to go out with Brother DLC and get materials – told her about the Church helping me – and the gal by whose cubicle we were talking got all interested. She has mentioned to me before that she used to have some affiliation with the Church. So today she told me that 10 years ago when she was going through a divorce and hard times the Church helped her. She told me she used to help work with Emergency Preparedness. She started to remember some good feelings about the church and said she might want to go back and visit but doesn’t even know what ward she is in. I said, “Oh, that’s easy!” and directed her to She was putting in her address when her phone rang and she had to actually work. I went back to my cube, but,I am hoping that little seeds are trying to sprout and seek the light. (does that count as a missionary experience? I hope so!)

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  1. That totally counts! Way to "talk about your church life"! :)