Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's Play "Beat Ben"

Some time ago Teresa came up with the idea of having a combined surprise birthday party for Debi and a surprise high school graduation party for Benjamin.  This required THREE sets of emails - one where Debi was helping surprise Benjamin (somehow Teresa managed to get Debi to start that string) - one where Benjamin was helping plan Debi's surprise - and one for the rest of us to put it all together.  We had to plan a menu we thought they both would like a lot.  And come up with a cover story.

It was complicated keeping track of 3 sets of emails and remembering who was supposed to know what.  However, in a way it was easier.  We had one cover story – We were doing a surprise party for the other person who thought that Debi was going out with Ruth and Tom and that Benjamin was coming over to babysit.  Each of them thought that (s)he was in on the big secret. They were surprised  Saturday evening when we yelled “Surprise! Happy Birthday! Happy Graduation!” and Teresa came in with the sign:

We had lasagna (Debi made one pan 'for Benjamin's party' and Ruth made another - one was cheese and one had meat).  Salad, garlic bread (David and Teresa made the bread and the spread from scratch), corn, and two luscious desserts by Miriam.Oh, and posh punch. 

After dinner, we went out and played "Beat Ben" - something Debi often suggest, although I am not sure this is what she usually has in mind. 
Ruth and the kids and Miriam made the pinata.  Good job!!
 Jared and Esther each took 2 whacks at him, then Benjamin had a whack, and Debi beat Ben!

Then we went back inside to play Quotable Debi - the match game - featuring such expressions as
"I hate people" and "I hate stupid people"  "Poop and fart"  "Cupcakes" "Nap time for Debi" and "Let's play Beat Ben" 

We had a great time.  Thanks Teresa! (and everyone else!)


  1. What was the Quotable Debi game? How did it work? Was it a matching game? Or was it a scenario game where you had to guess what she would say? Sounds fun!

  2. It was a matching/concentration game. Two copies of twelve typical Debi quotes. Boys against Girls - Girls won 7-5.
    It was fun.