Sunday, August 29, 2010

Warning: Really Ugly Pictures

Pictures were taken after "we" (by which I pretty much mean Teresa and Benjamin) had cleared out things for the project, but you get the idea of what we have lived with in our kitchen for years.

More than one home refinance included extra money to fix the house, but that money just disappeared.  Last time we actually did fix the plumbing under the house, but the kitchen money went to a new Prius for my now ex.  Since being on my own  I have been trying to save money to get it fixed, but along with the house I got the "house" debt and it has been slow going.  I have wondered if I ever would have enough to fix it - even if "we" (by which I pretty much mean my sons and sons-in-law who have lives of their own to take care of) did a lot of the work.

A few weeks ago, I was told that the Bishop wanted to have the ward help me!  Brethren came over to look things over  (oh, the shame of it all) and estimate what it might cost.

Bishop came over last Monday along with Lucio D.  They expressed surprise that the kitchen was not emptied out!  Teresa explained that we had been unaware of any time line.  Bless her heart, she got right to it.  Mostly she and Benjamin cleared out everything and organized things as best they could for our field kitchen for the duration.

With David's help they set up the appliances in the dining room,
a pantry in the family room - the microwave (lower right) is where the piano belongs.  The piano is in front of the fireplace.  We still have a small sitting area on the other side of the table on the left.  In fact, we can even set up a folding table for dinner.
and the dish washing station on the patio (pretend you're camping).  Sorry no pictures.

Thursday morning, Lucio D, our "head contractor" got to work with help from Bishop, Ron B, Dave A, and my guys at home.  Lucio is Mr Mom for his baby girl while his wife teaches.  Belen (said somewhat like Berlin without the 'r') comes to work with Daddy and Teresa looks after her.  Teresa has to take her for a walk to the park when the poor baby needs a nap because of all the commotion.   Fortunately, after 3 triple digit days (one a record breaker), the temperature dropped dramatically for our project and has been quite pleasant.

LD had given us a two week schedule and I pictured being unable to go through to the garage all that time.  We moved the cats' food and water to the hallway and figured we would have to go outside and in through the car garage door to go in and do laundry.  However, so far we have had access every evening.  Of course the first night we had to be careful not to walk into big holes in the floor where Glen & Mike W had cut access years ago and just patched back. You can see some of the cut lines that were there waiting to get fixed.  Now they were opened up to get good support put back in and fixed properly. (You mean kitchen floors are not supposed to bounce and creak when you walk on them?!)
Furlough Friday morning I spent at the BloodSource.  Late that afternoon, David, LD and I went shopping for materials.  Since my boys had accompanied me on a number of fact finding trips, bringing home samples, consulting with Teresa, etc,  I had some ideas what I wanted.

One fact finding trip - emphasis floors - we found Porcelain tile that I liked on sale at a really good price.  I bought one tile to bring home and think about and to show to Brother B.  He likes laminate, but thought the tile would be ok.  I bought enough to to do the floor and the counter.   Upon further thought - and considering my bouncing floor  (before they had a chance to work on it and see what was what) my experts warned me that the flexible floor would cause tile cracking.  sigh.  I took it all back.  However, by Friday, they knew the floor is strong and I could have anything on it.  I consulted with my contractor - and several others - Bishop was for vinyl - if I remember right Facebook friends were mixed - I decided on the tile again. But just for the floor.

What DL feared would be an all day affair, only took us a couple of hours.  I opened a Home Depot credit card so I could get the 10% discount on a purchase, then I paid for it with American Express so I can get my points there.  "We" (I held Belen) loaded up DL's truck and hauled it home. We set the cabinets 'in place' and just put everything else anywhere we could. 

Then I went to the temple with a grateful heart.

Long, but productive and happy day.


  1. Wow! Already it looks so great! Glad you are getting tile on your kitchen floor. Fabulous! So excited for you!

  2. Oops! Typo- the 'pantry' is in the family room. It ousted the piano which is now in front of the fireplace.

  3. Oh, Mom, I'm so happy for you! I'm glad things are progressing nicely. You deserve a nice kitchen!!! I can't wait to see it.

  4. Pictures! Good stuff. It's nice to see things happening when you've wanted it for so long!

  5. Looking good!! Can't wait to see the finished product