Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitchen Project - Monday

We were all grateful for the Sabbath day of rest, but with Monday we were back to work.  I had the day off on the governor's floating August furlough and I did not have to go in on jury duty.  I mailed a small package (with a few pinata goodies from Beat Ben) to my missionary, bought a phone, and stocked up on food.

We cleaned up the work area in preparation for the return Brother De La Cruz.  He seemed pleased with the work we got done on Saturday.  : )     He's a good worker so it was very nice to have pleased him.

Here he is hard at it.
Bishop (wearing his Bishop service clothes - a stained white dress shirt and slacks) doing the electrical.  In the background you cannot really see his beautiful assistant.

Teresa took care of Belen all day (well until she left with her daddy around 2 or 3), an admittedly pleasant, but very important job.  Then she worked for hours removing wall paper (using fabric softener!).  After supper she worked on sanding.  David helped with the guy work all day and then with the sanding in the evening.  I am so glad they are staying with us! 

As you can see, the Ninja was also back in action.

Joseph did some sanding, but I missed shooting him.  

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  1. Progress! I'm glad to know things are happening.