Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am I Blue?

Written Wednesday, Sep 1:

Not as much happened in the kitchen yesterday as we had hoped.  Sheet rock got hung, I believe.  Bro. DLC was going to paint cabinets but his sprayer acted up.  That’s just as well because when I bought the paint I was going to do the walls and ceiling in Blue Marina and the cabinets in Sweet Baby Boy.  Then D&T and I talked about doing it the other way, but I failed to make it clear that I wanted to so they would have been painted the way I told Brother DLC first.  Also switching meant I needed to buy more Sweet Baby Boy which David and I did last night.  We also picked up hardware for David to fix the kitchen windows so they open and close!  I have yet to choose hardware for the cabinets.  Oh, decision, decisions!

I think there may have been some other tool issues.  So we lost some of the time we gained by not having to shop Monday.  No worries, except it is supposed to be hot (triple digits) tomorrow and maybe Friday.  Perhaps Bro. DLC will take a couple of days off or just work half days.  I don’t want him to kill himself (at all, but especially) working for free! 

We were supposed to – or ‘could if we wanted to’ – do some thing or other last night to help in the kitchen, but we were all too tired.  So, naturally, we put on a movie (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) and stayed up too late. 

Only David did some work in the kitchen (last night that is.  I think Teresa worked in there again in the afternoon after Belen left and then she made dinner – what a gem!)  – I think having to do with putting on the switch boxes (?)  (David, I mean) so we could turn the electricity back on to the kitchen (?) I think.  Bishop changed things around a bit.  I think added an outlet or two and grounded them (!).  There is now, I think, an outlet over the doorway.  He had to put a junction box in anyway to fix where it had been badly wired before.  So now there’s an outlet – say to plug in a clock or something. 

Various individuals have tried to convince me to take out the in-wall ironing board, but I am keeping it.  “We” will paint it the same as the cabinets (but not painting the inside).

When we finish the kitchen, we really do need to paint the dining room and front room.  Besides, the dining room will be empty again.  We could paint it.  Then move the front room stuff into the dining room and paint that.  There is some danger of the whole house going blue.  The kitchen colors are almost the same as the bathroom.  I seem to really like blue.  I am looking at paint samples for the front room/dining room which I think I want to be the same as each other.  I am, it appears, a rather monochromatic person.  David keeps suggesting an accent wall, but that’s not me.  I think I want any dramatic color statements, if I want them at all, to come from accessories (more or less changeable accessories -  pillows, pictures, flowers, etc).  Currently looking toward off-white walls with ceiling the same.  Maybe pale blue or pale green.  I keep taking samples and clothes pinning them to the curtains to see how they look.  Although I do suppose I COULD replace the curtains.  But, they are nice and are like a visual hug from Sariah and Ryan.  The lights are hugs from Tom and Ruth.  The garbage disposal is a hug from Miriam and also David.  My house is full of love.  : )

Also thinking about what color to do the outside of the house.  I don’t know when we will actually DO it, although it needs it badly.  (So very MUCH needs doing!) Blue, gray, green, white are all contenders and some days I like soft yellow.  Going along with being monochromatic, I lean towards choosing something that will pretty much flow with the front room.  If I go with a pale green, maybe a slightly darker green outside, or if pale blue, blue or gray.  We will see.  

written Thursday (as the post is labeled)

Bro. DLC is taking today off.  The home team will be working away however, hopefully early before the heat sets in.  Sanding down joint something or other - white stuff where the sheet rock joined.  I forget what else, but it did sound like they had a good bit planned.  Preparing the walls for painting!

Yesterday the cabinets were painted. 

The walls and ceiling will be Sweet Baby Boy blue, a lighter blue.  I am really happy with how things are coming together. (Doesn't the painter's tape go well with my cabinets?)

In case you are wondering - Today I am leaning strongly towards painting the dining room and front room a pale sage - and the outside of the house a darker sage with white trim.


  1. I think a very light beige would be pretty and compliment the blues, have you considered that? I do love greens though, sage is pretty. :) Just make sure you take your samples into the blue rooms to see if they really do flow, some shades would look nice, some would look tacky. Lots of decisions, but it will be so nice! :)

  2. Mom, just wanted to let you know that Tom & I won't be offended when you change the lights in the front room. :)