Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I really miss Liz

My old supervisor Liz seemed to have the philosophy: hire good people and let them do their jobs.  She also believed in the importance of  family.

Our section manager Dorothy and Liz did not seem to have the best relationship, so we were a little nervous to be directly under Dorothy while between supervisors.  We were pleased to find her approachable & fair. Interested, but not overbearing.

Now we have a new super and must adjust to a new supervisory style.  More detail oriented supervision.  This now gives us two – Jalpa, the supervisor and Natalya, the unit lead.  Too be fair, neither of them have been with this office very long, so they do not know us workers well, unlike Liz & Dorothy who by the time I met them had worked for years with any employees they did not themselves hire. 

They check on us more closely, ask more questions, issue more corrections and disagree with us more, ask for more reports/proofs, give more detailed instructions on what, when and how to do. 

I donate platelets.  Our contract allows for ‘reasonable time.’  Liz was completely supportive.  Dorothy asked a couple of questions, was satisfied and supportive.  Jalpa wants to limit the time to an hour which would be enough for a regular pint blood donation, but is not enough for platelets, and she wants written proof.  I told her that platelets takes over an hour in the chair after the screening process and asked her to check with Dorothy.  I will bring her my little receipt.  No biggie.  Not unreasonable.  Definitely different than what I was used to.

**Since I donate about once a month - (actually more because I do sometimes go on my own - sometimes on Furlough Fridays) - "they" decided I cannot have more than an hour.  I was able to change my appointment, so I will just be getting home late.  And biking in the dark, but that will start happening anyway as the season progresses.

I gave Jalpa a heads up that I will be asking for vacation time for Benjamin's Eagle Project.  She did not seem pleased.  I don't think she can refuse though.  I have the hours and the office is not all that busy as there is a LOT of work we cannot do until the budget is passed. (but that is another rant) If she does say no, others can help Benjamin, but I do feel like I might be getting sick. ; )

Rumor is that Jalpa wants to put us all on the same schedule –everyone coming in and leaving at the same time – her time  - regardless of personal life needs/wants. I hope that rumor is wrong.

I remember observing as a student that I preferred teachers who started out stating the rules and being slightly strict then lightened up as time went on over teachers who started out relaxed and casual then lowered the boom later.  I choose to remain hopeful.

It could be worse and I am sure that we will all adjust.

My co-worker Eli is not entirely sorry that he has been assigned to a different unit.


  1. I like your hopeful/positive attitude...I could see stress when you came home and to my inquiry you responded that you are grateful to have a job. Thanks for setting a great example of gratitude! :-) HUGS

  2. WOW! It seems like it's been so long since I have been here COMMENTING... I have been keeping up though! (wink).

    As I know you noticed, I have two boys that were just awareded Life Scout last week...

    I'm going to have TWO Eagle Scout Projects going on at our house... (a little worried about that)

    Can you / will you say what your Benjamin's Project is?? (I'll understand if you don't)...

  3. The adjustment period continues. She has us posting our hours outside our cubicles and is on a clean desk campaign.

    She also has us working on desk procedures which is a good thing - long needed.

    Today she brought in bagels and cream cheese.

    It can't be easy being a new supervisor. But! I still really miss Liz!

    FoF - Good luck with the double Eagle Projects! I am sure that the boys will do great and you will probably survive. *wink* Just try not to let them procrastinate too long. We are getting into a bit of time pressure with Benjamin.

    I will do a write up on Benjamin's project when I can get a few minutes.