Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun In The Kitchen

The kitchen looked nice and big when it was empty!

Now we (by which I mean mostly Teresa) have started putting it back together. Ok, it was probably mostly the guys who put the fridge and freezer in place.  They tried putting the freezer in a different spot than it had been, but it really shrank the kitchen, so it is back next to the fridge again. Teresa is trying to figure out putting away all the dishes and mixing bowls, canned goods, etc, etc, etc. There is less shelf space than before.  Some fun.

David put the range hood up which he spent HOURS scouring and painting.  And I neglected to get a picture yet.  Soon.  But before he put the hood back:

Joseph looks like he bashed his head and broke the cabinet, but he is really straining on tip toes to try to put his head through the hole like Benjamin.  Joseph is not quite as tall as his little brother.  Look not on the height of his stature for the measure of a man, however.

Benjamin was laying on top of the fridge and freezer, but we were too slow with the camera.


  1. Fun pics! That's awesome... I can't wait to see more! :)

  2. Just to give a fuller picture, David cleaned and scrubbed the hood a few times, Ben and mom cleaned it initially, and Ben did some major cleaning to make the front smooth before it got sanded and painted. It looks *awesome* now...way to go, guys!