Friday, September 10, 2010


David was sitting out on the driveway when I got home last evening.  "We hardly worked today," said he.

"Oh? What did you hardly work at?" asked I.

He was even then scrubbing away at my range hood which has (to my shame) been neglected lo these 30 years I have been in this house except for a cursory wiping - usually not even on the business side.  He has scrubbed on it for hours and hours over a period of days with, I believe, some help now and then from the relief team members Benjamin and Teresa.  He is preparing to paint it white before it goes back into the kitchen.  

He mentioned that they also got baseboards and painted them (installing them today) and did the transition from the kitchen to the dining room and the kitchen to the garage.

Before I could check them out I had to get my bike past this.

Apparently we had moved the cabinet doors before they were completely dry and they needed touching up, so they got their 3rd coat of paint and were put out of the way.
(Except for the ones scattered like throw pillows on the love seat.

David and Brother Brown made the floor transitions.
Kitchen/dining room transition
I was so excited!  "Do you think you could make a transition for the bathroom?" I hoped.
David replied. "Maybe so. Probably."

We talked some more, then I went to visit the plumbing - love plumbing! -  in the bathroom.

Surprise! The bathroom transition was done!
We had fixed the bathroom just before the divorce - so, yes, some of the house money was actually spent on the house.  The bathroom and re-plumbing most of the house - thank goodness!

Before, you could sit on the toilet and check the weather through a large hole in this corner.

 The new tub was put in, a sink and vanity from IKEA I think, and the floor and wall repaired.

But the bathroom was not quite finished. The boys and I painted.  But the switch plates didn't go back - the switches/plugs are not straight, so it's a bit of a challenge.  The transition and door molding were not done.

Now David has put in the transition and will do the molding with leftover baseboard material. 

One of the first things David and Teresa did for me and my house was paint the door which was a really beat up once white.  We used leftover paint.  What we thought was white turned out to be primer.  And the blue was one of the blues from the boys' undersea room project not the bathroom blue.  But what an improvement!  They also painted the half bath off the family room.  Pictures another time.

Now, back to our kitchen project.

Teresa and Benjamin painted the old cabinet hinges (by immersion), skewered them and hung them to dry - periodically flexing them so they would still hinge and not crack the paint.

Here are scraps from laying the floor tile. 
 Brother DLC told David to hide them "before your mom wants to keep them for crafts or something."
 They do look like they should be really good for something!

When I took his picture later in the evening, David said he was going to stop working after 6pm (when I get home) from now on. 

I should go see if I can help without getting too much in the way.  (But they are doing such a great job!)

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  1. Way to go, team! Good job, David! It's all looking really nice! :)