Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Your Kitchen Done?

It is surprisingly difficult to answer that question. 

Mostly yes.  Except for a few things here and there.  Some of which I hope will be done soon.  We had a couple of problems with the floor, so some replacement grout still needs to be sealed.  We haven't put the handles on the drawers and cupboards yet.  For some reason they are a bit 'sticky' so I am looking forward to getting the handle on.  I want a hook for my aprons, a bar for towels, and a shelf or something next to the stove. Those things I want fairly soon.  Also I need window treatment of some sort.  That may take a little longer.  Now that my kitchen is no longer ugly, there are objections to me hanging plastic bags to dry - but I still need to dry them. How?

But yes, the kitchen is, for the most part done, and it is delightful to use.

Without breath or pause, however we continue on.  Of course, by we, I mean my wonderful home team.  They have cleaned, spackled, primed, and painted the dining room and front room.   They are nearly ready to put back together.  What a shame to put my wreck of a couch in that nicely painted room!  So far none of us feels up to re-upholstering.  And of course, funds are beginning to run low. Although a great deal needs to be done, we will have to stop, maybe rest, and evaluate when/how to best next continue.  (Although I really think we need some light in the family room!)

Have you noticed how when you clean or fix one thing up, you suddenly awaken to how bad the next thing is?  It is certainly true in my house.  As the kitchen began to emerge fresh and clean, I realized how dreary, dingy and beat up the rest of the house is.  One step leads to another which leads to yet another.  It can be almost discouraging to think there is no end in sight.  On the other hand, every improvement makes the house a little bit more pleasant and livable.  I cannot afford in money, time or energy to do all the things that should and could be done in my house right now.   But we can do something.  We can work and plan towards the next thing.  Every step takes us closer.  You can clearly see what wonderful improvement has been made.  It is certainly worth doing what you can when you can -  even though you cannot do it all. 

I think that is the same with our lives.  We are a long, long ways from being perfect.  The task can seem hopeless indeed.  But if we are willing to bring the best materials we can afford and let the Master Craftsman teach us, work with us and do the things we cannot do – what an improvement there will be!  Yes, as we accomplish one goal we will see that there is more, much more to do.  That our characters need more improvement and more repair.  It may appear to be an endless task.  But we have eternity to work on it and step by step we can come closer to our eternal goal.  Every little improvement will allow more light and joy into our lives.

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