Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almost There

Doesn't the floor - and everything else - look great? Except the drawer which was put together badly and David is fixing. 

Yesterday they grouted the floor.  Saturday the home team seals it (while I am at Time Out For Women). We also have to put in baseboards/molding. And the transitions between the kitchen and the garage and the dining room.  I have to pick handles, too.

With Tuffy, whom Benjamin is dog-sitting  
I like the smooth counter, the double sink, and the pull-out sprayer! I think they will make clean-up much easier.

People have commented on how quickly this has gone.  I have had some really good workers!  Brother De La Cruz and the others who came to help are all good, fast workers.  David, Teresa, and Benjamin have really sped things up by helping Brother DLC when he was here and doing so much after he left for the day and on evenings and weekends.  It has been 'interesting' but not the nightmare I have heard about with kitchen make-overs.

David said that told him to buy me a birthday present, but we know that their huge contribution to getting the kitchen job done has got that covered!


  1. It's looking great! So, what are you doing on the other end of the kitchen? Are you keeping the shelves that were there, or puttin in cabinets, or something else? We hope we get to see it when we come for T-day! :)

  2. We are still figuring out what we are doing.

    The unsteady wall shelves are out. I don't know if we will put new ones in. I don't want the pile of things blocking the window again. The microwave MIGHT go on the counter next to the fridge. The TV goes back - someplace - maybe in the corner. I need to sort and eliminate stuff - oh so painful and difficult!!

  3. Have you considered getting a wall mount for the TV? That might work for a microwave, as well. Just a thought, since I have no idea what it looks like there or if you have wall space.

    It looks wonderful. The floor is fantastic!