Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday we worked all day - mostly prepping the upper cabinets - which are not being replaced - for painting. Scrub and sand.  We still have to do more sanding on the frames.   Benjamin washed the ceiling.  We need to wash the walls, remove wall paper from one end and contact paper from the other.
Teresa did a LOT of sanding.
We were so glad LD let us use his power sander!  It was still a lot of work.

Benjamin, Ninja scrubber

We learned that 409 smells way better than Purple Power.

We also learned that people should not go to work sick.  Joseph's co-worker did, therefore Joseph has been sick all weekend.  He is missing out on all the 'fun.' (But he will live)

David didn't play with us much, either.  He mostly worked on my computer issues - still a work in progress.

I was so tired and sore from all the scrubbing and sanding, I could hardly pass the Sacrament tray when it came to us today.


  1. Dear Grease hiding anywhere in this kitchen,

    Beware Ben's "Haaaaiiii-YA"!

    You've been warned.

    Covered in sand dust

  2. You'll have to write a book about all of this.