Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Hawaiian Haystacks and happy company were the order of the evening Friday at David & Teresa's (2 of 8 and better half).  They also invited their landlady and son/ church friends Velma and Moroni Leash.  Moroni is also Elder's Quorum President to whom Andrew is 2nd counselor.  The food was good and the conversation pleasant. 

One of the most interesting tidbits is Velma's assertion that science says there is no reason people shouldn't live to be 120-150 meaning I am barely entering middle-age.  Of course, my first thought was "I cannot afford to live that long."  Which is so very true.  Unless I can work until I am at least 110.  Isn't that a bit of an exhausting thought?

David and Teresa are pretty much settled into a cute little cottage in the Leash compound and I think they have the nicest backyard of the set.  What a change from their last couple of living quarters - especially including our family room floor for a few months!

Saturday morning the boys made me a delicious breakfast. 

Then we went to the Single Adults Ceramic Tile class.  We learned to operate a wet saw and cut tile.  We learned a little bit about thin set.   Our teacher, Max, supplied a lot of discontinued ceramic floor tile and some 24 x 16 wood pieces.  The idea was that we would each tile our board which would make a nice little table top.  However, more people came to the activity than was anticipated.  There were plenty of supplies, but tile cutting takes a long time and the morning was long gone and it looked like it would still be some time before our turn to cut.  Andrew had designed one table top and Benjamin and I another (with minimal help from Joseph),  Like the other ladies ahead of us, our design was a tad more ambitious than Max had anticipated (he didn't give any guidelines about that and ours wasn't really fancy).  Anyway, we finally decided we didn't want to spend ALL day at Tiffany's (delightful though she is) and I fancied I could see some signs of stress in Max at the idea that we might.  So, we abandoned our tiles. I think we learned a good bit, but I am not sure if we are ready to take on any important tiling jobs.

After a change and a bite to eat, we entered what I think of as our Keystone Kops mode.  Calls back and forth with a daughter who might join us on our adventure, muddling about trying to get our act together, finally admitting that Joseph did not want to go anywhere whether State Park or Beach.  Eventually, we decided on the beach partly because Anna could go and it was her Adoption Day as well as my birthday.  And finally, after determining that daughter cannot come, Benjamin, Andrew, Anna and I hit the road - stopping to tank up at Costco on the way.  It takes us far too long to get out of town!!

As we drove, I enjoyed a birthday call with Sariah (hands free Bluetooth).  Maybe partly because I was slightly distracted, because changes have been made, and because I haven't made the drive in too long, I missed  a critical turn off that would have taken us past where Marine World/Africa USA (how I miss it!!!) used to be and around to approach from the north.  Instead, we found ourselves on the Bay Bridge - a TOLL  bridge heading into the Oakland/San Francisco area. argh!  Andrew loaned me the toll money.  As we were crossing the bridge, Andrew exclaims, "That's where Huell Howser went!"  I glance over and say, "The Coit Tower?"  "I don't know what they call it but he went there."  Impulsively we take the next exit and try to find "the Coit Tower".  The guys start going "That's it, we're there!" and I find myself circling the TransAmerica Pyramid building.  Apparently, Andrew and I had watched different episodes.  : )   It's getting a little late, I am not that good at driving in San Fransico anymore, and I don't have money for parking even if I could find any place, so we abandon the Pyramid which is not the Coit Tower and try to find our way to and across the Golden Gate Bridge so we can get to Rodeo Beach.

It was evening by the time we got to the beach which meant that we had the excitement of seeing racoons who were out checking the picnic areas.  Anna really liked that, but would have liked it better had she not been restrained.  At least SHE thinks so.  I don't think that it would go well if she did get a chance to see a coon up close.  We all walked along the beach.  The guys and Anna went up on the rocks a little bit.  Our visit was very short, but even that does something healing to my spirits.  I have said it before, but the only thing that makes me think there is anything to that theory of evolution is the pull I feel to the ocean's edge.  Something in me just has to go to the seashore.  Not some long sandy beach.  Rocky coves with crashing waves.

Today was a pleasant typical Sunday.  I seem to be hearing more push to prepare for General Conference than usual.  Our talks in Sacrament Meeting were about following the prophets.  Always a good idea!

While not attending any official observance, I have been mindful of the 9/11 annivesary all weekend.  Mourning the loss, sympathizing with those who lost so much, thinking especially of the emergency responders, and being grateful for my life.

This evening the guys and I were settling into a bit of Reading Club - reading an exciting yet-to-be-published novel by a dear friend (and talented first time author)- when the phone rang and there went the evening.

The boys' dad, my ex, is recuperating from a further amputation (diabetes complication) - now mid-calf.  He wants Andrew to come stay with him for a month to help him out.  Starting possibly some time next week. Supposedly the thing he wants help with mostly is an aluminum ramp to help him get in and out of the house but dares not leave set up lest it get stolen.  (I expect that there will be "other duties as required."  Andrew is trying to work out how to handle his SCC classes and Elder's Quorum Presidency meetings and responsibilities. He will be able to light rail from near Dad's right to SCC.  But he is going to have to drop his aerobics class. He will come to our neighborhood Thursday night for EQP meeting, sleep over at home and go back to Dad's Friday morning. It means Andrew won't be available for Saturday adventures for awhile.  Maybe some late Saturday afternoon. Andrew has a good attitude about this. (Better than I do, although I expected something like this) Anyway, as you can imagine, it is going to be a bit of a sacrifice on Andrew's part, so keep him in your prayers.  Pray for Glen, too.  The better he does, the sooner Andrew can come home.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off work for my birthday present to me.  I hope to do some stamping.  And maybe get some Christmas ideas.  Unfortunately, I don't have definite plans yet.  I hope I get "inspired" tomorrow morning - or dream up something tonight. 

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